Blockade that fits with the engine

    • Blockade that fits with the engine

      I know it is just another thread about blockade, but I still havent seen any method that could fit in the current game engine. Well everybody knows that blockade is an historic and classic war strategy used in whole all wwII or wwI conflict, it is a main strategy that you block or by land or by sea the arriving of any kind of supply, trade, reiforcements and sometimes even communication, why isnt this main strategy taken in account on COW ?

      "it is easy to say but not so easy to put it in practise" OK

      if I Isolate a country making it landlocked, trademarked and trade with other players should be prevented, only with its neignbors of course. If I isolate troops in a city the troops should lose morale until they fade, as well as the city, unless the game make an engine of supply by air like create an "supply aircraft" that instead of a pvane deliver bombs it deliver "morale" to friendly troops sieged in every round (siege of leningrad, siege of stalingrad).

      Another blockade mostly used was naval blockade, where enemy ships prevent supply and trade ahead by the sea, in that case, if the game use the same "drawn line" we use to deliver atacks, but use that "line" to draw the way of our "imaginary ship", if the blockader deploy warships on that "line", the trade decreases its chances to be successful. (United Kingdom depended on its colonies to go on, raw material and from US for war material). Anyway, most countries depend on trade with oversea territories (less North Korea), and this strategy should be someway set.
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      You might want to take a closer look at submarine units. As I recall, they had some role in the real war.
      the submarines did cause a lot of trouble to the enemy, in both economic and military way... they could basically starve a entire country (cough cough, WW1 britain and Germany were trying to starve each other to death, cough cough)

      But, in COW, Submarines can only prevent you from getting troops over the sea...

      as for the original thread, yeah, an improved trade embargo sounds good, the one we have now is basically worthless
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      AllexanderTheGreat56 wrote:

      . . . but I still havent seen any method that could fit in the current game engine.
      You might want to take a closer look at submarine units. As I recall, they had some role in the real war.
      that is what i am talking about, if the link of supplies or trade could be drawn, we could be able to disrupt it by using subs or usual ships on it. It d be easy and accurate of course to the real life without interphere in the game as a whole, just adding a new strategy and good much more importance to the Navy in general, it would make ships more expensive as they are more required ... just as in real life. And it d be simple, first you choose "trade", when you trade with some payer they would ask you which route you d like to use, just like as though you were attack, when it is chosen it is done, if there are some submarine or vessel on your way, the trade doesn't complete 100% and just part, or maybe nothing of the purchase reaches its buyer. It d be a true blockage.
    • I was actually thinking about suggesting this very recently. Great idea. Say if Germany and Britain were at war and UK makes blockade with Netherlands to Norway, then Germany can trade with directly surrounding countries, and then Sweden, Finland, Russia and the baltics because Germany has a sea route there. Perhaps trade ships could be added for really cheap prices then u fill them up with goods and deliver them to the other person. This could really add some strategy, also maybe delivery trucks to. Something like that could really change the game. :thumbup:
    • Please rename this thread "How to ruin the streamlined and competitive game 'call of war'"

      If you want something like this, play total war. A complex supply system does not fit this game. A improved version of the trade embargo however, is a great idea. The AI are the biggest traders of things, I don't think of how you could control them fairly