Conquering countries

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  • Conquering countries

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    Hello everybody !

    My name is Mith. I'm following this topic to make a suggestion to game developers to add the following in the rounds.

    When we conquer an entire country, including its capital. Let's take it that I noticed only money.
    My proposal is that when we conquer a country, all that resource is in their warehouses being them (Food, Metal, Gasoline, Goods, Rare Material, Money).
    For many resources are invested to achieve this success.
    And receiving all sorts of resources would be a bonus for having managed to eliminate someone.

    The percentage that we will receive from the coffers of the country is the choice of the administrators, so that it has a balance at the time of the service.

    I hope you read carefully and with great affection, because it is a suggestion that can greatly improve the gameplay, because sometimes it is difficult to collect much resources to invest in troops.

    Thanks everyone who will read this message, I apologize if it contains any spelling errors.

    Good evening !

    Remmeber vote !