Suggestion: Coastal Artillery

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    • Suggestion: Coastal Artillery

      What is needed is a railway gun and artillery buff. All Arty right now has a .3 ship attack and 5 health, and the weakest ship(convoy) has 5 health (17 hits to kill?), so the only way to really beat a ship is with a ship. If the unit in the convoy is an infantry(15 hp on land) one .3 hit will do almost 1 hp damage to that infantry once it lands, in other words, nothing.

      Battleships should have power over arty, but not this much. The problem with increasing the anti ship damage of arty is that it will become unfair to convoys as the damage becomes reasonable. To navigate this problem and keep the game simple, I think boosting arty to above .5 but less than 1.5 damage is fair, and gives arty a good anti-convoy position. . This way arty can play a role in fighting naval landings, and can give some counter battery fire.

      Rail guns are naval guns on a rail car, and so would do more damage. their expensiveness, slow speed and long build and research times will allow for this to be a fair weapon. Still no match for ships, this gun should do something like 4 or 5 damage, to completely decimate naval landings and force ships to engage the batteries.

      I can see railway guns being used in places like Gibraltar with submarines or something