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    • Canadian Lumber/Dairy

      Do Canadian dairy farmers have an unfair advantage over American ones? 2
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        No (2) 100%
      Do Canadian dairy farmers really have a huge advantage over American ones? Trump keeps going on about how Canadian lumberjacks and dairy farmers have an unfair advantage. First of all, What is the advantage? Secondly, the Canadian stereotype is a lumberjack. Don't stereotype us as something you want us to shut down.
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    • The answer for Dairy seems to be yes, the Canadians are preventing anyone else from entering their dairy market.

      Closed dairy market

      For soft wood lumber, it seems there is contention about lumber companies having a very low expense when they log government lands. This gives rise to accusations of government subsidy.

      Personally, I have no idea if the news reports are accurate or truthful. It does seem that President Trump is setting up a negotiation position for the NAFTA discussions.
    • Historically, Canadian lumber producers were dumping surplus lumber products into the American market at below production costs. This was one of the bones of contention during NAFTA negotiations in the late 1980s and early 1990s, and I thought this was resolved by the NAFTA treaty. If Canadians are again engaged in dumping, that's either a violation of the treaty, or Canadian producers have found a way to circumvent it.

      I am unfamiliar with the Canadian dairy market, but again, NAFTA was supposed to have created a single market for most products with no hidden subsidies or regulatory barriers. The U.S. Congress has historically engaged in various subsidy and price support programs for food production, although these direct production subsidies have been reduced in the last several decades. Dairy production has historically also been regulated, supported and subsidized at the state level, and the problem has typically been one of over-production. As someone with an academic and professional background in economics, I am curious what the basis of this new dispute is -- because neither the Canadians nor the Americans should be able to exclude the other's products from their own domestic market(s).

      I may do a little reading over the next couple of days and report back. Cheers.
    • I would not blindly believe anything Trump claims, he has a track record for misstatements of fact. It will be interesting to see what Montana digs up. In NY we subsidize dairy farmers through various programs, but I do not know what other states do, or what programs may still be available at the federal level.
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    • Do not insult what Donald Hump decides! I myself work in a lumberyard and I assure you Canadian Wood is just as long and hard as American wood! I am not racist over my wood! As for the dairy, milk is milk it all tastes just as good no matter which nationality it is! Nobody loves Canada more than me, believe me its true. The media lies, this act benefits Canadians just as much as us Americans. Anyone who believes otherwise is wrong. How sad!
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