Non-Core Production Penalty

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    • Non-Core Production Penalty

      Do you think the Penalty on production from non-core provinces should be decreased to 60%? 6
        yes (3) 50%
        no (3) 50%
      The penalty for Capturing a new territory is too high. I think 50-60% could be enough. This makes it impossible for smaller countries to gain resources. You are just stuck at what you have at the core. Which makes it impossible to win. And sometimes capturing a new territory only causes less resources.
    • I do not know if 60% is the right number, but anything would help, especially on larger maps. Various thoughts have been proposed including:
      > units that would reduce the production penalty
      > allowing non core to become core or even semi-core over time
      > a gradual improvement form the starting 75% penalty to something less onerous (how about reducing the penalty by 1% per day after capture?)

      So regards your poll: Yes, I think something needs to be done to decrease the penalty. As to the what # and how, these are the debate.
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    • Well, to eliminate the first 5% penalty to get it to only a 70% penalty should be based on your morale of the area. When it hits 50 morale, it loses 1% penalty, and another percent for 60%, 70%, 80%, and 90%. If you added something in the research menu to decrease the non-core province penalty that might help, but it would have to be pricey and a long research item. Just to start an advised amount, I will create a list for decreasing the penalty. It would be listed under the secret menu, titled "Non-core Province Penalty Decrease". Of course these are just rough estimates and should be changed. And of course, if a province loses its morale for whatever reason, it will go down to wherever it should be. We could also add a rocket that specifically targets a province's morale and could damage this penalty reduction.
      • Research #1
        • Price: 10000 Goods, 20000 Rare Materials, and 100000 Money
        • Time: 2 days
        • Decreases non-core province penalty by 5% for any provinces with morale above 90%
      • Research #2
        • Price: 20,000 Goods, 40,000 Rare Materials, and 200000 Money
        • Time: 4 days
        • Decreases non-core province penalty by another 5% for any provinces with morale above 95%
      • Research #3
        • Price: 50,000 Goods, 100,000 Rare Materials, and 1000000 Money
        • Time: 8 days
        • Decreases non-core province penalty by another 5% for every week it's morale is above 95%.
        • Can only decrease penalty twice
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