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      Should we add any coalition types? 7

      The result is only visible to the participants.

      I just wanted to request that there be different types of a coalition. Just to start this, there could be a merging coalition, a dictatorship, a monarchy, and a democracy. Also, there would be a new feature allowing leaders/members to invite new players (which would appear in notifications).

      Merging Coalition - All of the members participating in the coalition merge to form a nation with the name of the coalition. Of course they are not really merged together otherwise ruling would be very confusing. The merging would make all of the participating nations look stronger in the newspaper by adding up all of their values together. It would also boost their economy by 5% while adding a 10% tax to all the trades between them and the non-participating nations.
      Any member can invite.

      Dictatorship Coalition - All of the participating nations are forced to have the same diplomatic relations as the leader does (but you can have wars separate from the coalition). The members of the coalition have a boosted economy of 5% and a minimum tax of 8% between all non-participating nations (the dictator can change this tax). The dictator will be the only one who can invite, and the dictator can choose a member to be his assistant to lead when he is kicked for inactivity, of course he does not have to. He could also set the coalition to fall apart once he becomes inactive.

      Monarchy Coalition - This is the coalition that involves ranks in which the king/queen would put into place. They would be able to list, in order, the next rulers of their kingdom. This coalition would have a 2% economic boost in which would all go to the king. Everybody can invite players except the peasants (the lowest members).

      Democratic Coalition - All of the participating coalitions would vote if they were to kick a player, appoint a new leader, or declare war on a nation or another coalition. The required percentage of a nation to win a vote is 60%. This would provide an economic boost to each player of 1%.

      Original Coalition - Nothing changed at all.

      Misleading Coalition - This coalition choice is a deceptive choice. When you join it may appear to be one coalition while it is actually another. It shows all the signs of whatever it claims to be, but behind the scenes it is whatever the creator decided it would actually be. For example, a coalition may appear to be democratic but it is really a dictatorship. You could also use this to make a mixed coalition type. If you made it appear to be a merged coalition it could be anything else as well. So you could have a Merged-Dictatorship Coalition or a Merged-Monarchy Coalition.

      These are just some ideas I came up with, and I would be glad if any of these ideas came into play. I know a lot of it may be too difficult for this game, so I just thought I would let the community decide.
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    • I had thought the game needed a united nations component, with members voting on policy, trying to win countries to their side, etc. Right now inevitably you just have people that start a coalition called united nations, but usually they are not thinking along these lines. So I like the democracy coalition, as for the others, I am not sure who would want to be part of a monarchy, dictatorship. Unless it was part of a last gasp effort when you were about to be swallowed.