Announcement Oh, Sweet Victory - Higher Winning Rewards!

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    • Oh, Sweet Victory - Higher Winning Rewards!

      Dear Generals,

      You spent months of fighting, putting your life and honor on the line. You endured and suffered, it’s finally time for you to get properly rewarded. Your courage and endurance now bear fruits, as we increased the winning rewards for the victors.

      Besides the regular winning reward that depends on how many Victory Points (VP) you have at the end of the game, there will be an additional fix reward for the winning players. The fix reward will not only depend on which place you end up, but also on the map size. The bigger the map, the higher the final payout.

      Will you be victorious?

      This week’s changes will enter the battlefield:

      - Added additional winning rewards that depend on final ranking and map size.
      - Added a new popup at the end of a game that also informs you about your winning reward.
      - Tutorial and Shop Improvements.
      - We fixed province names being displayed wrong in the province bar.

      We hope you like these additions. Let us know what you think in the forums.

      Good luck on the battlefield and have fun playing!

      Your Call of War Team
    • Nice update, sorely needed. Along with the unit stats being changed you guys are on a good road.

      @Sasri: Can you tell anything about statistics (personal stats) being upgraded as well? For instance I would like to see 'number of wins'.

      Or in short: copy paste the system from S1914 with the medals (and of course keep the current unit K/Ds along with it). Im willing to wager the average player here just loves statistics, the more the better.
    • craz e bob wrote:

      this is good,a reward for winning is an excelent idea. however it is pointless if the reward is not given.i won game number 1930233, and received nothing.
      A map must be ranked for points and rewards...

      Browsergames sind eine geniale, mehr oder weniger geschickt als Spielattrappe getarnte Geschäftsidee zum Kohleziehen :!:
      Also Vorsicht, es können überall Fußangeln, Stolperdrähte und Selbstschussanlagen lauern :00000156:
      Texte oberhalb dieser Signatur können Spuren von Ironie enthalten ;)