Unequal Resource Distribution

    • Unequal Resource Distribution

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      I have an idea that could make Call of War gameplay more deep, without necessarily adding an overwhelming amount of complexity.
      Here it is:

      Make the resources cities produce more based on the region itself. In other words, countries like Saudi Arabia would produce more oil, whereas countries like Spain, where agriculture used to be more prevalent, (I think, I'm no historian) would produce much more food. This, in my opinion, would make the game better in a variety of ways:

      - Embargoes would have a much larger effect
      - Coalitions and alliances could be more strategic and useful, allowing:
      - several countries with different resources to unite so they can all have the resources they need,
      - several countries with similar resources to unite so they can monopolize a certain resource, and drive its price up.
      - generals would have to conquer land based to either diversify their economy, or try to monopolize a certain resource (wars would be more strategic)
      - Sabotage spies would be more useful to starve a certain country of a specific resource, and therefore counter spies would be more useful

      You could always have maps where the resources remain equally spread throughout the map, so that more casual players wouldn't have to worry about so much resource management

      But, all in all, I think having the resources spread unequally would be a simple change that could really add a whole new layer to this game.
    • I think this is in some maps to a lesser extant, I would like to see it being more prevalent.

      The problem with this is that you only get 25% production in non core, so places that were important in real life become not so much. In WWii, Germany played a gambit to reclaim some austrian oil field from the soviets. However, and somewhat disappointingly in CoW you would get like 500 oil/day until you spent huge sommes on upgrading it. I would love to see foreign places more worthwhile, at least in historical maps how you could implement this, I dont know