Question: What is or is not allowed?

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    • Question: What is or is not allowed?

      I just read over some game rules, and I have some questions about them. I like to causally RP in competitive games and am hopefully going to enter a WWII RP game, so I was wondering what is allowed. I have known since I have started playing this game that Fascism was very much not allowed, however to the extent I have just read about I had no idea.

      The time period of easily lends itself close to the line, So what does constitute to far? Is a faggot an okay image to have as a flag? In a RP game will there be any liberties taken to aid in the realism? In a private game? Is to have a coalition of the 3rd or 4th Reich okay? Is anything to do with communism not allowed? Further questions to follow as I think of them
    • @Chickenus, Bytro Labs is a German company based in Hamburg, Germany, and is therefore principally governed by the laws of Germany. In the aftermath of WWII, the Allied occupation forces, and thereafter the newly sovereign government of the Federal Republic of Germany, pretty much outlawed any display of Nazi symbology, starting with the swastika, SS runes, the "totenkopf" death's head logo of the SS (formerly associated with the Prussian hussars), and various others. For your own edification, you can review the salient points of German law regarding these so-called "unconstitutional symbols":

      Bytro seems to have taken it a step further, and seems to be actively trying to discourage any neo-N-zi nonsense from players, and I have seen forum moderators delete posts that included the words "N-zi" and "Adolf H-tler." Given the law, the history, and their desire to shoo away any Neo-Nuts who might be attracted to the game, I get what they are trying to do. You will note that even the in-game flag of Germany is a version of the old Imperial German flag (1871-1935), not the war-time Nazi flag or any related variants.

      I'm sure the Bytro folks could elaborate on this, but you might have to wait to get an "official" answer from the forum staff. I hope this helps.

      In answer to your specific questions, I would avoid referencing anything like the "Fourth Reich" -- which is a pretty clear Neo-Nuts thing. I think you can role-play as a naughty communist all you want.

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    • The Fourth Reich is simply the current German Empire. This is not treated as a rule break in itself.

      Any glorification of the Nazi party/regime, or war criminals, is not allowed. Some leniency is given on name calling for the sake of your Arpee maps, however it must be "in character," and must remain at light name calling. Swearing, or otherwise vulgar posts still are not allowed.
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