Gold use confirmation button NOW

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    • Gold use confirmation button NOW

      @Sasri: It has been previously requested multiple times, and Bytro Labs staff have repeatedly ignored the requests.

      Please add a yes/no confirmation pop-up button to all gold use dialogs. It is obnoxious and bad customer service that this has not already been done, apparently so Bytro can capture a few more pennies for gold use. Given the placement of gold use buttons on the game screen relative to research menus, etc., this does not appear to be an accident. If an experienced player such as myself can hit the gold button for research acceleration, accidentally and without even realizing it (as I just did), you have a problem that needs to be fixed.

      Please make this a priority and take care of it. You owe your paying customers no less. Thank you.
    • Lol, maybe you want a "Warning! You are spending money now!" message when you are ordering a hamburger at McDonald's too?

      This simply doesn't fit in with Bytro philosophy... spending gold is a "good thing" from the company point of view, and they want as few impediments to that as possible.
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    • K.Rokossovski wrote:

      Lol, maybe you want a "Warning! You are spending money now!" message when you are ordering a hamburger at McDonald's too?
      I have no problem spending money -- or in-game "gold" -- when I want to spend it. I do not like spending my money -- or my "gold" -- by accident and/or wasting it. Taking your example, for instance, the last time I was at McDonald's, a well-trained register operator called back my food order to me, and a little red LED screen displayed the total amount to be paid -- and the food order was not placed until I agreed the order was correct and I forked over my cash. The Bytro gold use buttons get that process rather backwards in the interests of collecting "gold" as quickly as possible -- sort of like my ordering a Big Mac at McDonald's, the register person placing an order for a Filet O Fish, snatching my cash out of my hand before I can object, thrusting a Filet O Fish at me, and telling me I can pay again if I really want a Big Mac. It's rude, it's obnoxious, and that's what we call BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE. Grown-up business persons do not behave that way, and adult customers do not expect to be treated in such a manner.

      The problem is that the designers have placed the gold use buttons in close proximity to other function buttons, including the close-screen buttons of overlapping pop-up screens. Moreover, you don't even have to click on the gold use buttons; often merely passing over them with your mouse cursor is enough to toggle them. Frankly, it's either intentional, or extremely poor graphic web design. I have paid a lot to have several websites designed by professionals for my business interests over the years, and I have an eye for seeing obvious consumer use problems in web design. And the present Bytro gold use buttons have multiple problems.

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    • I 'Second' the motion. Not a bad or useless idea. Just good business sense. Especially in the wee hours of the mornin' when things are a little groggy. ||
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    • Perhaps even just a "lock / unlock" button on the top bar for Gold inventory.

      At present, I refuse to buy gold since I am in a PL game and I don't want to be "that guy" that accidentally uses Gold in an honor game.

      This means the other 4 games I am in won't get any gold until I have finished the "honor" game.

      It is real easy to get in the habit of not buying Gold so I don't accidentally spend Gold. That is not in the best interest of Bytro.

      Either they can provide better controls to me for my Gold usage or I will simply constrain it by not buying Gold.
    • even thought I usually spend money on these kinds of games I have refrained from this because of this very reason. If this is fixed and one other thing as well, I will trust this platform. until then I will not spend a dime. and if there is a problem with this request please send me a message.