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    • Application

      Player Name: .Cerberus.

      Discord Username:Shadow fox

      I hereby agree to follow all of the rules and guidelines presented within this roleplay as well as any future rules or guidelines that are created.
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      I agree to be expelled from the Roleplay if I repeatably break the rules and/or refuse to cooperate with the Roleplay's Staff.
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      Faction Information

      If you are signing up for an already made faction please leave the description blank

      Faction Name:Vipers

      Starting Country: Colorado (its a bit far for my liking but why not)

      Faction Leader:

      The Great Snakekeeper

      Faction Description: The Longer The Better

      During the spring of 2141, four groups left Vault 15 to brave the Wasteland.[1] In the winter of the same year, three of these groups became roving gangs of raiders: the Jackals, the Vipers, and the Khans.[1] The Vipers were founded and led by a man named Jonathan Faust, with a group of about 200 people. It was there that his small band came to a small oasis in the middle of the desert. In the middle of this oasis was a large pit, almost like a crater. While resting and setting up camp, Faust decided to look into the pit.
      When a member of the band called out to him, Faust turned, startled, and slipped into the Pit. He slid down twenty feet and then fell another twenty and broke his leg in the process. As he lay there dazed, a half dozen gigantic Pit Vipers slithered toward him. Not knowing what these things were, Faust was terrified. The group above heard one loud scream, and then nothing. Three others went to look for him, but never came out.
      The small band, leaderless and stuck in the desert with no food and water, decided to stay at the oasis, at least for a little while. They covered the pit with a tarp and nailed spikes around it to keep whatever horror lived there encased there. They then set up their camp as far from the Pit as possible. Whatever was down in the Pit never bothered them. Days passed. The more influential of the group argued about what they were to do. There was talk of joining up with others from the vault. There was talk about going back to Vault 15.

      During these four days, almost all of the group was either dying or already dead. Those who survived the radiation poisoning were too weak to travel, while those who survived either left or stayed and helped defend the little settlement against the desert creatures.
      Finally, after a week, the remaining members of the group decided to move on. They started to pack their belongings when an almost spectral figure emerged from the shadows. It was Faust, except this was not the strong leader they remembered. He was wan, pale, and emaciated, and there was a feverish gleam in his eyes. He told them that when he was down in the pit, a god visited him and told him the True Way. They would make sacrifices to the Gods of the Pit, and wealth and happiness would be theirs.
      Of course, everyone was skeptical. Some were even violently rebellious, saying that Faust was crazy. After Faust patiently listened to them, he then whistled, and from behind him, came two very large pit vipers. Without warning, they struck. They attacked everyone in the group, including Faust, but he just laughed as they bit his flesh.
      As the sun rose the next day, the two snakes lay dead by Faust's hands. Half of his people were dead, the other half were on the brink of death as the Pit Venom started to sink into their systems. By that afternoon most would be dead, but the forty or so survivors of the venom were half crazy with the aftereffects of the venom. Faust, himself immune to the venom, helped the remaining few through this time, which has come to be known as the Great Awakening. He whispered things to them, told them how the Great Snake has spared their lives, so that they would fight for his mighty cause.
      And thus the Viper clan was born. They decided to make the Pit their main base named the Shrine, and to go out into the wastes and take what they needed from those blasphemers that did not follow the Winding Way of the Great Snake.

      Factions Military: (Check the factions page that is listed above for examples)

      They are mysterious followers of an ancient religion. They usually only come out at night to hunt for food or to conduct raids. They are ruthless when it comes to combat and prefer stealth to strength. They formerly carry bone knives and bone spears dipped in pit vipervenom (this poison, when in the bloodstream, paralyzes the victim) and dressed in bone armor with a red sash. This armor, as the name implies, is made from strips of bone bundled around the body with strips of leather. Most victims captured with their poison are taken back to their hideout.
      Factions Technology: (Check the factions page that is listed above for examples)

      Factions Political System (Check the factions page that is listed above for examples)

      They are mysterious followers of an ancient religion (raiders)

      Starting Technology Tree Picks (Go to the Tech Tree listed above) (Use a total of 10 Tech Points) (No Aircraft)

      infantry and commandos

      Unit Descriptions For The Technologies That You Have Selected

      Infantry (100 split into groups of 5)
      A group of 5 usually armed with weapons like machete, combat knives or spears one will be armed with a pistol smg or shotgun

      Commandos 50 Crimson Tongue.

      Questions im a bit new to CoW roleplay and i may not be able to play on the weekends

      Also the RP is almost over are we going to start a new one?

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