• Decolonization

      Well here's an idea to improve the game: Decolonization! You select one or more occupied provinces and form them into a nation. It seems like you would lose victory points but it would also save more resources. Specifically in Africa when playing on the 25 player map it seemed better to be able to decolonize your provinces into another nation rather than to see them fall into the hands of the enemy. You choose the flag for the nation like an Ethiopian flag and then select Confirm. Then you would have another country. This often happened in World War 2 like the Germans creating Vichy France, Croatia. and the Italian Socialist Republic. This would make the game more interesting.
    • VIRVCOBRV wrote:

      Interesting Idea but it could get easily abused. Whenever you got invaded you could just create a bunch of phony states . . . .
      Exactly right.

      I had refrained from commenting on this thread, not wanting to dampen the New Guy's enthusiasm, but I do think this idea would lead to all sorts of tactical abuses -- not least would be the spin-off of province-size mini countries with no in-game victory points and no resources, which would also drive commodities prices in the market. Spinning off bits and pieces of colonies is also ahistorical; colonies were rarely subdivided before being granted independence. I'm a fairly strong student of WWII and post-war history, and most former European colonies in Africa, thae Middle East and Asia were granted independence in whatever form their existing geographical administrative area was. Thus, South Africa, Kenya, Algeria, Burma. Notable exceptions were Palestine being carved into Arab and Jewish areas, and India being separated into mostly-Hindu India and mostly-Muslim Pakistan -- and neither partition was done for the convenience of the former colonial power, but with the hope of preserving local peace.
    • darksoul111 wrote:

      Personally, I would love it in maps like historical 1939 25 player map. This would literally be the best.
      Well this is what I mean. I mean Germany did not control all of France at first. It was half controlled by the Vichy France and for people like me who like absolute historical accuracy that would mean bringing in another country like Tibet having his land taken by say Nationalist China and then have his forces wait in France and their colonies to become Vichy France. It is too much work and would be much easier to decolonize France into such a thing. There would be a limit of course on how many decolonizations can happen. Say a limit of four decolonizations?
    • this would work having pre determined borders and you choose to release them. If players could play as colonies then it would have to be possible to gain full independence. Maybe the person who released the colony could demand a certain amount of resources and you can decide to declare war on them to get them to not demand any resources.