golden state warriers

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    • golden state warriers

      hi this is PURPlepizza116 and I ham here to stay!!! for a little whiyl

      today i mean yesterday , silly me the WArrirors defebeated the Celveland Cavalieers 118-113. now i'm no unbasketblla expert but I'm just ssaying...


      and Kevin Durant who is a very goot player was EATING in the 4th inning... i mean wuarter haha

      a wuarter is 1/4 of a dollar with is 25 cens which is a quarter. ever notice that??? :thumbsup: 8o ;( <3 :tumbleweed:

      anyway i just wanted to hear if there is any MORE baskebtall fans in the 4um tonight... i am not warriers fan I am Celtics fan from Boston Celtics but i do not like CavaliersS OR Leborn James!

      haha message ne bacxk if so :00008643:
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