Joining a new game as an alliance

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    • Joining a new game as an alliance

      So I just started with CTW last night, buddied- up with one of the other players, and we formed an alliance with the intention of joining a new game together.

      My question is, do we join as an alliance, or do we join as individuals? AND- do we just get randomly dropped in countries? Is there any way to influence placement in relation to one another?

      Thanks in advance for answering the newb question.
    • If you create the new game yourself, toggle the "free selection" option under "country selection" function. This enables players joining the game to select any of the then-available playable countries.

      In order to create an in-game alliance between you and your friend, you may simply toggle your diplomacy big board relations from "peace" (i.e. the creamy yellow and white dove icon) to "share map" (i.e. the blue and white NATO icon). Or, alternatively, one of you can send the other a "share map" offer through the trades communications system, and the recipient of the offer can accept.

      For paid members of the High Command, there is a higher level of alliance called "shared intelligence," in which you can see everything on the map known to your ally, including results of intelligence espionage regarding third countries.

      When creating a new game, there is also an option to create the game as a formal "team game." Unless it is a tournament or similar situation, I don't recommend using this option because you are locked into the same team throughout the game -- you cannot drop nor add a team member for the duration.

      I hope this helps.

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