Europe 1932 USA strategy?

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    • Europe 1932 USA strategy?

      I am playing the Europe 1932 map and I was wondering if you guys can help give me a strategy on how to play as USA.
      Being on the other side of the Atlantic I feel very safe but I think it will be very difficult for me to expand across to Europe. Is there a good strategy for USA?
    • 1. Maximize your steel production -- you're going to need it to build fortifications in Europe and/or Africa in order to stabilize morale and resource production in your captured European and/or African provinces, which means you need to understand the distance-from-capital/province-morale dynamic.

      2. Build enough destroyer squadrons to safely escort your ground units to Europe or Africa, and learn to combine your ground unit convoy and naval unit escorts into a single convoy "stack" for their protection.

      3. Plan ahead -- it takes roughly two days of game time to transport your ground units to Europe via ocean-going convoy, which means it will take at least 2.5 to 3 days to produce and deliver new replacement units from your North American industrial complexes to your field army in Europe or Africa.

      4. Plan for a credible North American defense while 50 to 75% of your ground units are elsewhere.

      5. If possible, pick an AI country for your first conquest in Europe or Africa. Spain and Portugal are the closest countries to North America, and I believe Atlantic City to the northwestern corner of the Iberian peninsula is the quickest, most direct sea route.

      6. Once established in a new country in Europe or Africa, get a couple of local industrial complexes up and running with L1 barracks, L1 infrastructure and L1 air base, so you can generate some of your replacement units locally.
    • bobcat79 wrote:

      The 1st thing you want to do is get a good Navy as your country is surrounded by water you want to have a good navy.
      Build an adequate navy, but not one that is too large. Large navies with lots of capital ships are gas hogs, that also are a bottomless pit for steel. Oil is a limited resource -- have an oil consumption budget, and apportion the number of powered ground units (e.g., tanks), aircraft units and naval units according to your maxed-out oil production in your core oil-producing provinces and other captured North American oil fields. Remember: ground units and aircraft units win wars on the European maps, and naval units are mostly a means of getting ground and air units across water bodies in reasonable safety. Large navies do not win wars without ground and air forces.
    • You are saying to him to put a defense in USA but a weak navy with only Destroyers going to Europe. What happens if the European countries get Subs or other Navy Units to destroy his Destroyers. I'm not a Navel Player myself but with a country like this Navy's benefit you in the long run to protect your troops, to attack countries with convoy escort, to fight large fleets and defend your self.
    • bobcat79 wrote:

      There is no Atlantic City in the Europe 1932 10 player map
      @Bobcat79: Okay, it's been 6+ months since I last played a game on the 10-player European map. So, figure it out: what is the closest American coastal province between New Jersey and Virginia? That will provide the starting point for the shortest sea route to Europe.

      There's another short sea route from Nova Scotia (Halifax on the 22-player European map) to Ireland, but Ireland is not exactly a major destination, and is only really valuable as a stepping stone for an invasion of Britain.

      bobcat79 wrote:

      . . . the person asking is most likely a beginner who doesn't know the game that well. So giving him complicated ideas isn't going to help . . .
      @Bobcat79: I see you're kind of new here yourself. Let me reiterate for your benefit and Best75's: have an oil production and consumption budget, and apportion your oil consumption among ground units, aircraft units and naval units. Oil is a finite resource; maximize production, and plan accordingly. If you don't have an oil production and consumption budget, you're going to make typical rookie mistakes of building too many powered units of the wrong types, and then complain about how there isn't enough oil. If you think that's "too complicated," well, then you're going to be playing checkers when others are playing chess. The sooner you're introduced to these concepts, the sooner you will be competing with old-timers who likewise refuse to plan ahead.

      BTW, the same thing applies to food production and consumption, too.
    • bobcat79 wrote:

      What happens if the European countries get Subs or other Navy Units to destroy his Destroyers[?]
      A current-level destroyer squadron defeats a current-level submarine squadron every time, and as the research progresses, destroyers get stronger relative to subs at each research level.

      And remember: playing as a North American country on the European maps, your European opponents are going to be preoccupied with building large numbers of armored units and aircraft units as quickly as possible. Some will build subs for coastal defense, reconnaissance of enemy coastal provinces and sinking enescorted convoys of enemy ground units. If you are a land-based European country, there is little benefit to building large numbers of capital ships on the European maps, and low-level battleships are slow and always require escorts of their own.

      Please note: my answer would be different when playing on the Pacific and world maps, where strong navies can have a dramatic impact on the middle game.
    • @MontanaBB This is not Call of Resources or Call of Diplomacy this is Call of War once the Opponent is dead he is dead. Listen i have played this game for a year now and i never had an Oil Problem because i never sell Oil i buy it whenever i see it early game i get Level 3 Infastructure with Level 5 Forts and fight in the Markets put @2.0 higher than your competitors and you will be ok. To Build so many Powered Units i even beat players like you who play Call of Resources
    • This is what i have in a Navel Fleet which is really good 3 Battleships 5 Crusiers 7 Destroyers and 8 Subs with 3 Carriers on top of them 4 Interceptors, Navel Bombers and Tactical Bombers have 2 Fleets like those. As well as a massive Sub wall strectching from 1 corner of the map to the other and Carriers to transport your ships to other Islands. Then Opponents will fear you of your navy
    • best75 wrote:

      Oil and food consumption got it.
      Smart guy. You're already ahead of 95% of the newbies, and half or more of the "experienced" players.

      best75 wrote:

      So this means I should avoid building too many barracks and naval ports too?
      @best75: "Yes" is the simple answer. Some experienced players swear that building L1 naval bases is a great way to increase resource production in coastal provinces because it only takes 15 minutes to increase production 5%. However, building L1 infrastructure increases resource production 10% in 24 hours, and it doesn't require 50 tons of oil in daily upkeep. For resource production, build infrastructure before you build naval bases. Build naval bases if you need to build naval units.

      The reason for building barracks is two-fold: (1) to produce infantry units; and (2) increase manpower production. In the early stages of the game, you are likely to experience manpower shortages until you conquer two or three full-size countries, perhaps longer if you have high casualty rate. Level 1 barracks increase manpower production 10% in the province where the barracks is located; L2 barracks increase manpower 30%; L3 barracks increase manpower 50%. Each level of barracks incurs a daily upkeep cost when they are enabled starting with 200 tons of food per day for L1 barracks. If you're smart, rather than building L1 barracks in all of your provinces -- and quickly running out of money to build anything else -- build L2 and then L3 barracks in your top 4 or 5 manpower-producing provinces. Usually (but not always) these are your 4 or 5 original industrial complex provinces -- use the manpower sort function on your province management menu to confirm which provinces produce the most manpower.

      Also, I suggest you read this quick guide to resource production:

      > > > > What is the best way to increase production of resources? < < < <

      You can ignore most of the thread after the original post because it's not relevant to resource production.

      BTW, feel free to ping me on my user talk page if you ever have specific questions you don't want to post in the Forum.

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    • bobcat79 wrote:

      If [you're] good in the trade markets . . . .
      And, I am, Bobcat. In fact, I am very good at playing the commodities market. But that doesn't do much good in the latter stages of a competitive game when all of the remaining players stop trading in the market and oil is unavailable at any price.

      One thing you said above with which I do agree is that smart players stockpile oil, by purchasing oil in the market when it's inexpensive. The perfect time to buy extra oil is when you receive a big cash windfall for conquering an enemy capital. I also maximize my food production early in the game, and I sell the surplus in the market and use the proceeds to stockpile oil.

      So, yes, I have some grasp of trading in the commodities market.
    • I think you have yourself have never played Call of War i don't know your experiance but the commodities market always work remember i put @2.0 higher than your opponent or late game @2.0 to @7.0 that is if i'm struggling for Oil which it never happened to me so far only Once i put @5.0 higher than my opponent to get Oil when i was Running out and Early game i store As Much Spare Oil i get that is what being a good business man is. Not a farmer Mr MontanaBB