Pacific Map

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    • First of all why can't you create a private 25 player conquest map? It just says "Open rounds of this map, is limited" Help? Secondly, Can a Admin make a private 100 player map, or a private 25 player map for us? It would mean a lot to us if you could do it. If you would like to do it, my email is or Last thing is what do you think is the best country to start out in, of all the maps(just pick 1 country out of all the maps) :)
    • Only a limited number of maps can be created per type per language. This is to minimize inactive games. You can still open them if you select "starts when full" as this would ensure the game becoming active.

      As for opening 100p maps, the support team can do it, but a certain number of confirmed players are required for that, because, as I mentioned we do not want rounds with many open or inactive slots. You can contact our support team with your request and a list of players that are confirmed for participation.
    • freezy wrote:

      You can still open them if you select "starts when full" as this would ensure the game becoming active.
      I am glad to see this change was implemented, Freezy. This provides a measure of flexibility for experienced players to create Pacific map games and invite friends and acquaintances to join and perhaps create team and alliance games. Thank you for that.

      Perhaps you should announce this change in the "News," so that a wider audience will be made aware of it.
    • freezy wrote:

      Actually we did not change anything there, it was like that for a long time. I guess it was just not known by everyone
      Yes, but it was announced that all 50+ player maps would now be created only by the system, and not by player action, leaving everyone with the impression that the 50-player Pacific map could no longer be created by players under any circumstances. In that previous thread, I suggested that "starts when full" games created by players should be an exception for all of the larger maps to provide/preserve everyone with a measure of flexibility, while still accomplishing the goal of eliminating mostly empty games on the large maps. That said, I do appreciate your flexibility in having the staff create large games on special request as described above.

      Please see Sasri's original policy announcement on point here:

      > > > > Unite the home front! < < < <

      Sasri's original announcement specifically states:

      "Which maps does it affect?

      "- The World of War 1932 - 100p map is already a Join Only map.
      "- Additionally we add the Pacific Conquest - 50 player map into this category as well as the new America 1942: Homefront - 50 player map.
      "- Future 40+ player maps will also be Join Only."

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    • Sorry, you must have misunderstood me then. The first post was talking about the 25p map (dont know why the thread title says pacific map) which is not-join only but which has a creation limit. So my comment only referred to the maps that still can be opened by players.
      The 22p and the 25p maps have limitations, only a specific amount can be opened at a time. Users can circumvent that limitation by choosing "starts when full" for these maps, and this is nothing new, that's what I meant.
      Join-only maps can of course not be created by players, so players also cannot choose "starts when full" for them.

      If you want a custom join-only map created, you can still contact support to open it if you rally enough players behind you that would also play in that game.