A central ww2

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    • A central ww2

      have You ever wondered how would ww2 Look or how it would have went if the Central Powers won ww1 Well today you will be given the Chance to Take part of it
      Either way if you didnt catch on yet This is a what if the Central powers won ww1
      This will be on a 22 Player map though
      and There will be a lot of landswapping to do

      Now lets Do some recap on the ww1 Teams

      Central Powers: German Empire, Austro-Hungarian Empire, Bulgarian Kingdom, Ottoman Empire

      Allied Forces, Commonwealth A.K.A Uk and All ist puppets and dominions like Canada and etc..., France, Belgium, Russian Empire, USA, Portugal

      Now I will post what countries there are pickable then i will post all the landswaps aswell as some backstory

      1.German Empire- TheConq123
      2.Austro-Hungarian Empire- Enderlord105
      3.Bulgarian Kingdom- ZewsBG
      4.Ottoman Empire- Thetrumpster
      5.Dutch-Danish Kingdom-
      6.Italian Kingdom- DeutsheCutie
      7.Russian Empire- MarshalTilen
      8.United Kingdom Of Communists- Battleship101
      9.Kingdom Of Canada-
      10.United States of America- WorldWar2History
      11.Portugal- GunnerTom
      12.Ireland- Zwolinski
      13.Finland- AshtonatorGaming
      14.The Baltic Kingdom-
      15.Romania- Draza
      16.Greece- LordFrieza
      17.The Buffer State of Caucasus- SnowFlake
      18.The Kingdom of Sweden-
      20.Cuban Empire- TheRealPrinceVegeta
      21.Spain- Deino
      22.French Reich-

      As you might have seen there are a lot of countries that didnt exist irl and now it is time to give some backstory like the treaty of vienna but first we will start at the start of the year 1918

      it is the year 1918 American soldiers have started fighting Germany decided to pull Everything together with its allies
      Austria-hungary, Bulgaria, and Ottoman Empire and they sent a telegram to Cuba to attack USA and they were pormissed a lot of land if they win so Cuba accepted as an attac from Cuba was unexpected it caught the USA off Guard But the cubans were Pushed back but an assault on Cuba was impossible aswell so USA hat to devert a lot of soldiers Germany and its allies took this Chance and Attacked with its all Might into France Taking France out in around 7 months After France fell Germans Started Sending soldiers to Ottoman EMpire to help win in Africa When german and other CP Soldiers arrived to fight in africa the African front Quickly ended as the French Colonies capitulated and the Ottomans with CP soldiers Continued Pushing the war in africa ended in the year 1920 Germany Sent an Ultimatum to Spain, Spain was to allow Germany To move soldiers to attack Portugal Spain Accepted and Portugal was quikcly defeated The allies accepted peace and it was called a loss for the allies

      Serbia, Montenegro - Will be Fully annexed by Austria-Hunagry
      Romania-a lot of its lands will go to A-H and part of its coast to Bulgaria

      Italy- it will Give the Island of Cagliari to A-H and the Province of Venice Aswell Aswell as Italy will be under strict german watch

      Belgium and France - Germany Will Annex Luxembourg, Take the provinces of Bastogne and Bruxelless To Germany
      France will give up the City of Nancy To Germany aswell and the Island of Ajacio will go Under A-H Control

      Rusia - The Communist Government will be removed and the King reinstalled the Baltic Kingdom will be created Finland will be created as a free sovereign state and Ottoman Empire will get some Lands in caucasus
      aswell as the Buffer state of Caucasus will be created between Ottomans and Russians

      Africa and Middle east - Ottoman Empire will get the colonies of Egypt and Libya Under their Control
      the Colonies of Algeria and Morroco will go Under German Control the Colonies of Tunisia and French west-africa to A-H

      UK - the Germans will gain Control of These Islands Valetta, Gibraltar, Hamilton Island and Saint John
      Nassau will go under cuban Control

      The Americas - the City Of Miami will Go Under cuban Control

      I Probbably missed a lot of stuff well either way if anyone wants more detailed info Please personally message me as i am still working on the interwar Period but now time to give an application example and some base rules

      No Gold usage
      Listen to the game admins
      Keep It realistic
      if you enter a war you cant take all the lands from the Country you fought you have to leave atleast one province in teh war then get into a peace treaty and you cant fully KILL off a Country
      everyone has to make their own tech trees but Keep it realistic its not like russia can get max Level Heavy tank in this history as Russia is very weak actually everyone should PM me For more Military and economic info on their Country What landswaps they will have to do and etc...

      Do you agree to follow all the rules and be removed if you brake them - (answer)

      Do you agree to stay realistic - (answer)

      Ingame Name - (answer)

      Discord Name - (answer)

      Country - (answer)

      Example article -

      NOTE: this is my first RP so please dont expect it to be perfect and i had to do this in a huge hurry and i most likely will be adding the landswaps here Thank you! (This is my First official RP i am making but i have been in my own fare share of RPs)(please Keep in mind this is not ment to be like 100% historically accurate)
      (To Clarify Things the Cubans Revolted against the USA and then attacked USA but were very unsucsesfull)

      Interwar period-

      The Soviets Disagreed to restore the King The central Powers Declared war on the Soviets and Destroyed the USSR with the Finnish help and the finnish were awarded with Karelain lands for helping now The russian Empire is incharge

      by the year 1926
      the Communist Party in UK took Control
      The Fascist Party in France Took Control
      the Fascists Took Control of Spain and Portugal
      Austria-Hungary gave Spain a Debt after a few Months the Debt was High enough so A-H Could get the Spanish COlonies of them
      the British King and and Queen everyone from the Royal Family Escaped to Canada Took Control of it and turned Canda into a very Strong Country Canada Caught the USA off Guard declared war on them and Won the war and took the state of Michigan in the peace treaty the USA then Decided To announce Canada as a National enemy and Build a Huge Fort Line with on the front with Canada the USA has the Population Advantage over Canadian Empire
      the Austro-Hungarian Empire took Control of ist Country Now Every Person in A-H talks German and is very Patriotic Torwards A-H the Only People that still TRY to Defect A-H are the Serbians but are always unsucsefull
      the Ottoman Empire Is Not As Succesfull as Expected

      it is the year 1929
      The Germans are testing their First Medium tanks the test Are very Unsucsesfull Although one of the best german Panzer Generals Invents the Blitzkrieg tactics akthough the tactics are still undergoing Tests if needed they could be put to use
      The French Sent an Ultimatum to the Swiss The Swiss Were To be Annexed by France or get Destroyed the same Ultimatum was sent to Belgium Both countries accepted the ultimatum

      year 1934 germany is able To finnaly master the Blitzkrieg tactics

      it is the year 1937 and it stands like this
      Romania, Greece and Albania Have Formed the Balkan Entente which is very anti-Bulgaria

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      3) Romulus947

      4) Romulus947#5247

      5) Ottoman Empire

      6) Today our Ottoman Empire was disgraced in defeat by Russian con artists across the border! Our Sultan is sending agents and rakes up to salvage these slaves of the Tsar! We will fight Russia until the Tsar himself begs for mercy!
      - Romulus947

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      3( worldwar2history

      4( Ahsoka Tano

      5( United States of Freedom (USA)

      Sample Article: From another RP

      4:52 am: London. RAOHQ (Royal Army Operation Head Quarters)
      Intelligance Minister: "We have reports of numerous Iranian troops at Turkish Border sir."

      RFOC (Royal Foreign Operations Command): "How many there?"

      Intelligance Minister: at least 11,000. 4 large infantry divisions, 1 Tank Regiment. all along the Iran-Turkish-Azerbaijan Border.

      the RFOC picks up the phone to the Prime Minister, the Prime Minister picks up

      Prime Minister: "What is it Secretary Commander?"

      RFOC: "We have reports of over 11,000 troops at the Turkish border with Iran, our forces are ready for a preemptive strike, known to command as Operation Dust. Would you like to initiate it?"

      Prime Minister: Ok, initiate Operation Dust. It appears the coalition already started. Give all squadrons their missions."

      RFOC: "Will do."

      *He then drops the phone, and walks to the MIDLECOM room*

      RFOC: "Initiate Operation Dust. Give the squadrons their orders, get teh troops to the border. We are a go."
      Breaking News!

      3 Squadrons of UK fighters and strike fighters have been seen racing off a Turkish airbase near Diyarbakir. The fighters have since then screamed off toward the Iranian Border. It is unknown of at the time what is going on, but we will update you as it goes on.

      5:27 Am London. BBC news Broadcast
      BBC Breaking News!

      Prime minister Theresa May gave an early morning speech from the ROFC building outside of Birmingham. She confirmed that 3 squadrons of Fighters and Strike fighters have been scrambled to eliminate major Iranian military targets along the Turkish border. Along with Turkey and France, strikes from both the air and the ground have occured all over Northwest Iran. The objective is to eliminate all Iranian forces that threaten Turkey or Azerbaijan. French ground forces are on the move in the mountainous regions of Northwestern Iran. With Turkish and UK air support, they have seccessfuly eliminated Iranian forces around Tabriz, and secured the area. UK fighters have taken off to clear West-Iranian skies of fighters to gain air superiorty over the region to assure further success. It is unknown how long the operation will last.

      BBC Breaking News Report.


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      5.German Empire

      6.This is my first rp (not gonna lie) i have been looking into getting into a rp and i think this would be perfect.
      The German Empire shall be the great empire.We shall fight on 2 fronts if needed.We will not stop out savage reign until we destroy all who oppose.We will be the only empire reigning.The fight in the deserts of Africa.We will fight in the winters of Russia.We will fight where we need to fight.
    • Do you agree to follow all the rules and be removed if you brake them - Sure, like why nottttttttt

      Do you agree to stay realistic - Lol, i mean i guess

      Ingame Name - (Super Agent) Mehmet Acik

      Discord Name - Snowflake#1003

      Country - CAUCUS BITCH

      Example article - Due to some ambitious and Stupid niggas (not naming names) *Cough* VODKA AND KEBAB *Cough* our nation a Buffer state, Our People Divided, Our Nation a Shell of Glory, Our Dreams moving away. FOR THE MOTHERLAND, ДЛЯ РОДИНЫ, MOTRIYA UCUN.
      I'm in my own lane, you ain't in my category.
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      I am not telling anyone what to do. I am just helping Demex out. The Wolf State is currently supporting this RP so I am helping by reminding people that do not give the proper application to fix it. None of your business, anyways!
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