A Living Museum of WWII Armored Vehicles

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    • A Living Museum of WWII Armored Vehicles

      Did you ever want to relive history and be within touching distance of real World War II vehicles - and as a bonus meet the makers of Call of War in person? This will be possible in early September: Bytro will be an official partner of the Belgian TANKS IN TOWN event, a unique exhibition of WWII armored vehicles taking place in Mons, Belgium.

      What is TANKS IN TOWN?

      To commemorate the liberation of the city of Mons in 1944 by the 83rd Reconnaissance Battalion of the 3rd U.S. Armored Division "Spearhead", TANKS IN TOWN organizes each year a tremendous concentration of armored vehicles in the historic city of Mons.

      This year, the event will take place from September 1-3. Over the course of the weekend dozens of vehicles from WWII and Post War will peacefully invade the historic city and be presented to the public, including a Panzer 68 and a FV432. Also ‘post war’ legendary vehicles will be present like the famous Leopard tank.

      Check out the Event on Facebook.

      What will you be able to witness at the event?

      Besides all the attendees and generals you will also be able to encounter Sherman Dozers, Tank Destroyers, Reconnaissance Vehicles, M20, M10 and Armored Infantry on Half-track of all type. This year, for the first time, TANKS IN TOWN is lucky to have a German Tracked Vehicle Stug III F8 from the War historical Museum attending.

      Other spectacles include patriotic ceremonies of 2nd of September, tank rides, an international military flea market, a historical parade on Sunday and the reenactment of a battle in Mesvin. Call of War developer Bytro Labs will feature as official sponsor on one of the tanks and will be ready to answer visitors’ questions about the game and its historical inspirations.

      If you want to know more about the history and origin of this event, and what ‘Fish’n Chips’ has to do with it, feel free to check out their homepage.

      We are looking forward to the event. Let us know in the forum if we will be able to spot some of you there.

      Your Call of War Team
      Sarah / Sasri
      Ex-Community Manager