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    • ACTIVE FORTIFICATIONS - Coastal Artillery

      Hi y'all

      So I was thinking...currently, if we want to defend against ships attacking our coastal provinces, then we need either Naval Bombers, our own ships, or artillery units. Artillery units don't do a very good job of killing ships, our own ships take forever to get anywhere, and Naval Bombers may not be available. So I was thinking...what if we added coastal artillery?

      Coastal Artillery would be available in 3 levels, and should only be able to attack ships (for balance reasons). Coastal Artillery would require a corresponding Naval Base (lvl 1 NB for lvl 1 CA, lvl 2 NB for lvl 2 CA, etc). Each successive level does more damage to ships.

      Coastal Artillery would factor into the Army Strength of a province, and act as a stationary unit that can be viewed. That said, it would also show up in the "Buildings" tab, and be built from there.

      Ranges would be the following:
      Level 1 CA - 40km
      Level 2 CA - 50km
      Level 3 CA - 60km

      Range would be from the very edge of the province, which would compensate for the smaller range compared with units. (Otherwise, this would be too OP, and cause naval bombardment to be utterly useless.)

      Built times and costs would be up for debate.

    • Ai, too young, too simple, sometimes naive.

      Railroad guns aren't Coastal Arty. I'm talking about fixed fortifications that can fire at ships, not cannons on railroads that can be moved around.

      Coastal Artillery, although somewhat niche, would still be a nice addition. And it shouldn't be too hard to implement.
    • Not a bad idea in itself but it is a problem in that it introduces a building type that is in reality a 'weapon', which is a weird precedent to have.

      I'd have to agree with the previous comment. Railroad guns are a pretty good option for defense aginst ships, just as they were in Supremacy 1914. I personally much prefer rockets since they can be built more easily, have good range and can be used effectively against ships. Just station rockets in your provinces while paying attention not to have them too close to the shore. Very effective.