The mobile Route.

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    • The mobile Route.

      Dear Generals,

      an exciting week lies behind us. The mobile version of Call of War is live and we still welcome everyone to try it out. With your reports and feedback we will keep improving Call of War. This week we already have some of those fixes and improvements ready for you.

      Here is a list with all bug fixes and improvements:

      • The espionage screen was blank for some players, this issue is fixed.
      • The search field would stop searching after a few letters, this has been fixed.
      • The region filter for the 100 player map is working again.
      • The game list didn’t update, when moving games to the archive, this has been fixed.
      • A pop-up appeared when trying to enter a password protected alliance match without being asked for a password, this has also been fixed.
      • The High Command feature ‘advanced filter’ in the province administration is working properly again.
      • The delay was broken and made units arrive at different times, this has been fixed.
      Additionally you will now be able to send even more specific bug reports by choosing between several ‘Request Types’, which will make it easier for us to identify problems and bugs.

      For mobile:

      • The progress bar in the province list was misplaced, this has been fixed.
      • Fixed broken chat scrolling behavior.
      • Research connections were misplaced and also research icons have been improved.
      Please also keep checking your inbox, since we keep sending out invites to our Secret Mobile Test Taskforce on Discord.

      Good luck and have fun,
      Your Call of War Team
      Sarah / Sasri
      Ex-Community Manager
    • After a bit of playing more on mobile, my findings:

      - it works fairly well as it was designed
      - great steps are made into making a mobile version to conquer the world
      - still only useful for basic movements, advanced stuff you just get frustrated

      What I miss, is:

      - a fully mobile version (aka: app on Playstore), if a stupid game like Age of (fill in random copycat) can get a trillion people playing, surely CoW can get 500k people?
      - I understand it may be impossible codewise, but it is the only way to 'grow' with the current business strategy. In other words: find a way to do it
      - Because of point 2, I experience a lack of...intuitiveness regarding how to do things mobile. Oh sure it works, but it just...isnt enough. Cant explain it properly. Perhaps the menus (especially unit movement and the advanced orders) werent coded right...something is

      For example, I downloaded a civilization copy/clone. And while it is not perfect, it seems to have a similar, yet better executed interface. Its called World of Empires - check it out and the devs surely see what I mean.

      2 cents from a long time player:)
    • Thanks for the feedback.

      Probably CoW is the first html5 strategy game with PC-mobile cross platform support and we are proud of it.

      There may be an app in the future, but this app won't be a native app of the game, instead it will open the existing mobile version for Call of War in your mobile browser for easier access and possible push notifications. That way we can market it better to the appstore users, but keep it cross platform with our current userbase.

      Having cross platform play is important to us. We want users on PC and mobile to play together. We want you to be able to play CoW at home, then switch to mobile on the go.

      It also enables more possibilities in the future. We can promote the game in mobile browsers, we are independant from appstores and their slow update cycles, and also don't have to pay those big royalty fees. Maybe with the expanding abilities of html5 messenger programs the game could even be included in those in the future to expand the user base even further.
      So we see big advantages in the approach we are doing. Since no one else did it that way yet it is an experiment, but it may be worth it :)

      Of course the mobile version is not perfect yet, thats why it is open beta. We will polish it further going forward. And your feedback will help with that :).
    • I really liked the new mobile version, I think PC will stay my main device for the game but being able to give some orders, check reports and send messages on your phone is awesome.

      I'm not sure about this but wouldn't a downloadable app be more effective and stable? or is a web version just easier to make and can work with all phones and OS?

      I only noticed one problem, the green info at the bottom of research pages is missing from the mobile version

      Transport speed on friendly territory: 80%
      Transport speed on enemy territory: 50%
      Attack range: 250 km
      Carrier-based aircraft

      I couldn't find such things anywhere on my phone.
    • i will say that it is not perfect yet but that is why it is still beta
      i find it quite useful and well done on my pnone but i still prefer the desktop for my tablets
      before this option the phone was useless for me
      one suggestion that i would like is if it could be made full screen option, i believe i have a 6 in screen and it is a little crowded and i cant see as much as i would like
      thanks for the great job
    • As a (former) long time Supremacy 1914 enthusiast, I have to say......HIP HOP HURRAY!!!!! a developer myself, I know how stuff that seems easy can be a month long brain-scratcher, while seemingly advanced features may be easy seldom know until you try :)

      I'm very new to CoW, but already I'm liking the (so far) much more active players, not to mention how you partially solved the eternal question of micro-managing the whole world with your non-core province thing....

      Hope everyone (won't even hazard a guess regarding your number of developers, could be from 1 to 5 in my opinion?! Whoops, I guessed in the same sentence I said not one's perfect ;-)) at Bytro is doing fine,
      keep up the arduous task!

      Morten Bergfall

      the bug reporting feature on mobile has a bug I think :D