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    • Moral gain and gold -

      We are playing a game at the moment.

      The following situation occurred.

      Blue team was marching infantry towards red teams city where the red team had 2 tanks moving in single file out of the city towards the approaching blue team, neither was in combat at that percise moment.

      The 2 tanks gained about 5-8% moral during the minutes leading up to the combat engagement.

      The player on the red team is adamant he did not use gold to boost moral.

      The player on the blue team is adamant gold was used/.

      How could the 2 tanks gain moral. Does reset give moral to units on native soil?

      The red tanks did not merge, this is not a trick question.

      Please help us understand, is their a bug on COW?

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    • hey roko, guess who is the blue team guy:P oki let me explain it was 3am server time just 2 min before impact the tanks got a moral boost and the boost was more than 8 % it was more like 20-25%, please i would like to know ur opinion since they are using u as a judge.
      NB: i parked units in lvl 3 bunkers in last pl for 2 weeks it hardly went up in morale!
      waiting for ur reply
      and the city we are talking about, was just raided by me and retaken few hrs before the tanks pass in it. so the morale in the city was lowered and it was at the border which i raided and made it my border
      lets say my page didnt refresh and the boost happen at day change, how can it go more than 10%, beside im sure my page was working normally
      the current city morale around 15hrs since it was retaken by red team is currently 45%

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    • Day change is the only time units can possibly win morale without gold. If you say it was nowhere near day change, I don't have an explanation for it other than gold use.

      PS - if there was no merging involved either - two tanks at 80 and 40 percent, then merging, would result in 2x60%; if those were split there could appear an increase from a 40- to a 60-tank. But I guess that isn't the case either here, right?

      PPS - and bunkers or morale have nothing to do with repairing either, just be in an own province at day change and get 15% of missing morale back.
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    • MarkAchkar wrote:

      Tanks were split and that 15% increase we talked about how does it happen and to whom and why it doesnt happen to all teams and all units in the core provinces? Beside does it happen to marching units?
      - Healing takes place at day change. Land units have to be on own (not allied/RoW) ground. Air units need to operate from own air bases. Sea units can be anywhere. It happens automatically to units of all players. Yes, moving units heal too.
      When the enemy is driven back, we have failed. When he is cut off, encircled and dispersed, we have succeeded. - Aleksandr Suvorov.
    • Just another consideration: How fresh was the intel? If you were watching "ghost" images where you caught a peek at them earlier but they were out of visual range for a while anything could have happened. Perhaps the intelligence "ghost" view was from before day change? There have been many reports where a "ghost" image would stick around even if the unit was in view. I did have a case last night where a unit I was attacking was stubbornly an infantry unit on screen, but when selected showed to be an anti-tank unit. I even had a fighter patrolling overhead and a couple tac bombers hitting it and it still showed as a walking infantry unit.
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    • Yes, that is what I had thought may be the problem, A ghost image. There bugs like that on the maps from time to time. However the player was adamant that he had an up to date image, and regardless it did occur in and around day change. However I did wonder if he was seeing the ghost image from before day change. The player reckons he wasn't looking at a ghost image.
    • Mike hill wrote:

      So when when you say own province to get the 15% heal does that mean even provinces you have captured?
      Yes, as you can also read here (click) >> <<

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