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    @Dr. Leipreachan

    Main Administrator:

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    Game Operators:
    @Cookiie Monster
    @Dante Bugler1

    @Genghis Khanson

    Your support team is here to help YOU in chat, in forum and in game (depending on roles)
    in any way they can! They are a PM, forum conversation, chat whisper and ticket away. Most importantly you will see a green name in the chat box, they are there to help (and enforce our rules and Terms of Service).

    Dr. Leipreachán
    Community Support

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  • A little explanation of the Staff Structure.

    The community managers are employees of Bytro and work at the headquarters in Hamburg Germany.

    To assist the CM's, Bytro prides itself on a support staff that understands the players and the community by recruiting moderators and game operators from among the most active players. This leads to an understanding of issues and bugs that players report, and allows for the many languages that Call of War is available in to be moderated and supported by staff familiar with that language, and interested in the game.

    The job of support staff is to answer questions of players and assist them with issues, and as such they need to be familiar with the game mechanics and operations. Support staff have no special privilege or access when playing the game, and only have moderation power within the forum and chat box.

    This allows for the best experience of the player base by having their questions answered by people who also play the game and speak the same language.

    Moderators have the task of answering questions in help chat and the forum. We wish for the chat and forum to be a polite and civil environment in which all players can ask questions and interact with each other. To ensure that a few players do not ruin the experience of others there are a few simple rules that are enforced by the moderators as well.

    Game operators investigate bugs and answer support tickets. The game operators have a few tools to resolve issues such as resetting a server, however the majority of bug reports are simply a misunderstanding of the game mechanics. As we wish for players to have a pleasant experience within the game there are some basic rules for behavior towards other players. Game Operators also enforce the in-game rules.

    The Senior Moderator (Smod) is in charge of training and managing the moderator staff. If you have an issue with a moderator please direct your messages to the Smod.

    The Senior Game Operator is in charge of training and managing the Game Operator staff. If you have an issue with a game operator please direct your messages to the Sgo.

    The Main Administrator leads the support team. Should you have an issue with either the Smod or Sgo and wish to appeal a decision they have made, please direct your message to the MA.

    The Community Coordinator leads all of the support teams across all the language servers, and is the person to direct your complaints regarding the MA to.

    The Community Managers are of course in charge of all things, however their time may not be sufficient to handle everything directly. Naturally many questions and issues can be resolved in a timely fashion approaching the correct person in the Chain of Command.
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