Speed of the game

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    • Speed of the game

      Back to the basics of this game. I will ask you about the speed of the units in CoW. The important ground unit is the infantry. This unit are all moving with 25 km/h. This is little hero's are running over the distance form a marathon under the time 1:45h, and this with a rifle, field pack and boots on!

      OK this is a game and we have to balance between the units but this is much to much.

      My idea is to reduce the movement of the most units to a historic correct speed. Back to the infantry if they are only moving with 10km/h. The infrastructure level 1 is now a basic railway that transports land units with 40 km/h, it will be more useful to build this structure in provinces without a resource.

      Railway for all land units:
      Infrastructure Level 1 = 40 km/h
      Infrastructure Level 2 = 60 km/h
      Infrastructure Level 3 = 80 km/h

      I think that the artillery, anti tank and anti air cannons getting the same speed of 10 km/h. They are most time pulled by horses. Maybe from level 3 and above the are pulled by trucks and getting a speed of 30 km/h like the new level 1 motorized infantry, that must be earlier to developed. (Day 4?)

      A other problem of the reduced infantry speed is that the game is getting lame as a duck. But to make it more funny to the players to wait that the units are reach there destination, we getting in each hour two fight ticks and the option to retire from battle! This to points are really important for game to get a difference to Supremacy 1914.

      What do you think about this ideas?

      Would you like to play with your friends in a game where gold is banned?

      Watch for the next season starts in September!
    • A very well thought out suggestion!

      Although I really like your idea of the infrastructure increasing speed more, I agree with Bill. The game is already very slow and speeding up battles probably wouldn't help that much since more time is spent marching through enemy territory.

      Also, allowing units to disengage from battle would just make the game longer, because then opponents wouldn't be able to launch surprise attacks and defeat enemies while their armies are fractured as easily. They would have to spend more time chasing down pocket resistance that retreated from the original attack.

      Fun > Realism
    • @Pablo, Butter Bill and Co.: please do not spam in every threat, so the devs are going bored to tears by read this posts!

      This game isn't slow, if you send troops from Berlin to Moscow it takes some hours in reality it takes a lot of days. You forget that the most players that Bytro need, because the spending money in it, have to go to work. So they didn't have the time to look every hour in this game. If you are only able to look two times a day in your games the game is already to fast to have a real chance to win.

      The reason for my idea was that is now not possible to make a fast flank attack with fast tanks and motorized infantry because normal troops have nearly the same speed.

      An other question is why is the scout car fast on railway than the militia?

      Would you like to play with your friends in a game where gold is banned?

      Watch for the next season starts in September!
    • Oh boy the speed of the game my favorite subject!

      Yes the game is slow, not the movement of units but the game itself, build time, train time and March speed is fine and I agree with the infrastructure boosting the movement of land units, the reason why the game is slow is because the players are both persistent and tactical, the units are not slow the game progression from day 1 to end is not slow but long.

      It's just like S1914, where the speed of the game depends on who have the most units, and everyone is a tie.

      But I have to say Byro did a good job for CoW than 30k that game is so slow the turtle looks like a formula one race champion, I love that game but it's so "broken" it still need some improvements until this game shows up, I demand justice for 30k
      "Victory needs no explenation, defeat allows none"
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