Sort by population in province administration

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    • Sort by population in province administration

      I'm not sure how easy it would be to implement, or how well this would look ingame; but due to the massive difference a province's population has on things like money, resource and manpower production, a feature that could be of massive value is the ability to sort by province populations in the province administration tab. This would allow the user to very quickly work out the best province to build a new upgrade such as a barracks which would have the largest effect in the province with the largest population. It is sort of possible to achieve this via sorting by victory points, but I've found that several provinces with the same amount of points worth have differing population values, and in some areas, a province with victory points may even have less population than a province worth no victory points.
    • Good point. I think we can improve the resource ordering to roughly match your ideas:
      - resource production takes into account the population, so the order should be, in this order: resource type, core provinces, population

      - non-production provinces should simply ordered by population (meaning the ones making the most manpower and taxes would be on top)
    • We are currently working on this.

      The overall goal of the province list extensions is to be able to quickly identify those provinces where I want to boost resource / manpower production.

      Our approach is this:

      1. We'll add another sortable column for manpower next to resources
      2. We'll add the actual prodcution numbers to the resources and manpower column so that I can directly see, if a provinces produces 3,000 or 150 of something. (Note, that they are already sorted by this amount)
      3. When sorting the resource column, those provinces which do not have a resource will be sorted by their manpower production