strange fighter and sea results on new map

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    • strange fighter and sea results on new map

      Loving the new map, as I am trying to go for dominance with puny Sweden.

      In an attack against Finland, I have 2 weird things happening:

      1: fighter patrolling (lvl 2) vs lvl 1 fighter. Mine takes 5% damage. Ok, could happen since ground units were also present. My mistake. I then moved the patrol red circle away from the ground units, bit still in range of the aircraft so they would battle. 2 hours later, mine at 65% vs 100%. I know Finland was perhaps the greatest of the small countries in regard of fighting effectiveness...but this? Is Finlands plane actually a lvl 5 plane? A rocket interceptor on steroids?

      2: Cruiser vs Sub, same thing. Lvl 2 cruiser attacks/stumbles upon a lvl 1 sub. sub defensive stats are horrible, cruiser has far more HP. Yet sub has now 96% and cruiser 80% (started combat at 95-98% strength). I havent seen a lot of cruiser vs sub battles, but this isnt normal. If it is, cruisers are now classified as utterly useless

      Only battle that is going normal is 2 lvl 2 destroyers taking down another sub. Is the X factor currently in this game? I thought that was a relic from S1914, not ported over or in a smaller amount?