Limiting Building Damage

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    • Limiting Building Damage

      Let's say that a city is completely undefended. Is there a "best" way to prevent it becoming damaged when capturing it?

      For example, would it be better to send:
      a) 1 tank
      b) 6 tanks
      c) 1 infantry
      d) 6 infantry
      e) 6 tanks + 6 infantry...etc.
      f) 1 anti-air
      g) 1 militia

      I think I just answered my own question on accident. I think the answer would be G as militia have no damage against cities. Anti-air would be next best have the smallest damage to cities. Am I correct in my thinking?

      Is there an even better way?

      Does anyone out there use militia like this? I still doubt their usefulness due to being so ridiculously slow. Anti-air have the same problem. So, what's the best solution?
    • wmeler wrote:

      I see--so the capture itself wields damage. Explains my constant frustration.
      Yup. Unless the province flips via rebellion; then, weirdly, there is sometimes no damage and provincial morale is always several time higher.

      DxC wrote:

      I'll sometimes use an AA to capture an undefended prov, but the damage to buildings from any unit in a single round is pretty small compared to the damage done by the capture itself.
      Notwithstanding the varying anti-building strengths of different unit types (e.g., 0.0 for militia, 1.0 for L6 infantry, 1.5 for L5 medium tanks, 3.0 for L3 SP artillery), I've never been able to find any combination of units or any individual unit type that reduces damage on capture of industrial complexes or infrastructure. I gave up trying a long time ago. If militia were some kind of magic capture-buildings-but-inflict-no-damage unit, I would actually produce some of them.

      I guess it should go without saying that stand-off weapons systems, such as artillery, bombers and rockets, also inflict damage to buildings before their capture.