Unable to produce units (although I have all prerequisites etc.)

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    • Unable to produce units (although I have all prerequisites etc.)

      I am not able to produce units. I am certain that I have all the prerequisites and materials. And nothing else is being produced in that province. And the production window shows the "Produce" button in black (not greyed out). And when I do click on it, a little bubble comes up to the effect of "Being produced, will be available in X hours" just as if it was being produced. And all the other options grey out, just as it does when you start a unit in production.

      But nothing is produced. The "Units under production" remains at "No units are being produced". And if you go back to the production window, the units are again shown with the "Produce" buttons in black, as if a new unit can be produced. And indeed it appears no units are being produced.

      Have I come up against some limit, or what?

      Also unable to upgrade infrastructure, e.g. unable to upgrade a naval base from Level 2 to Level 3.