User uploaded skins

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    • User uploaded skins

      do you like this idea 8

      The result is only visible to the participants.

      there should be a feature that allows you upload a custom skin to a skin gallery, and use it in game

      this is my idea of the upload process:
      1. several pictures are uploaded (one for each of the units travel paths) onto a skin file, which is associated with a unit type
      2. a warning appears saying "if your skin is found to be inappropriate, it will be deleted and you will be banned"
      3. skin file is uploaded to skin gallery/database

      and now how to use a custom skin:
      1. you save a skin to your skin library
      2. in a game, when you build a unit, (after the unit is named) it will ask you to pick a skin (choices would be "default" and whatever skins in your skin library are associated with the unit you're building)

      this would make the game more customizable

      only the default skin would have an animation
      Forum Gang Mascot
      Girls game too