Pinned Mobile Call of War: Army Command

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  • Hi everyone.
    Yesterday evening we have pushed our newest attempt to polished army commands to beta which means that it is now available in all frontline pioneer games.

    We collected a lot of feedback and have decided on this initial set of changes:

    1. The army command rose (the circular buttons around a selected army) is now not necessarily centered on the army itself but makes sure, that it's buttons are largely within the visible area. So if an army is at the edge of the screen when you select it you do not have to scroll anymore to reach the move or attack command.
    2. We added a "close" button to cancel the current selection to both army and province commands.
    3. When you move the map and the selected army is moved out of the screen, the army commands will now stick to the side of the screen where the army is located.
    This sticky view on the side has a couple of noticeable features:
    1. This view will show the most important commands only, since there is less space available. The close / deselect button is always one of the visible buttons.
    2. Tapping the central button which shows the selected army's image will recenter the view of the map on the selected army.
    3. There is a small visual aid pointing into the direction of the selected army to make orientation easier.

    We also added a new "reselect" button. Whenever you had an own army selected and cancel the selection of it (on purpose or on accident) a "reselect" button will be shown for the next 10 seconds on the lower left of the screen. So if you are one of the guys who sometimes accidentially deselects the army while moving the map, you now can reselect it easily.

    We have prepared these two short videos to demonstrate both the "sticky rose" and the reselect feature:

    We are very thankful for all feedback you can give us.
    If you have suggestions how to improve the commands even further you're very welcome to make them as specific as possible.
    Please tell us what you think annoying or impracticable and if you have ideas how to solve this.

    Thanks :)
  • I think it's good making the Mobile layout easier to use, always a bit tricky since you have to rely on your fingers. Not easy to have a browser's worth of layout and HUD on a small screen (some phones have bigger screens but not like a monitor). And without any bias I'd say CoW Mobile was handy. Went on a trip about a week ago and without a computer I was able to keep fair maintenance on my rounds. Good work :)