You all got the blues

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    • You all got the blues

      Dear generals,

      we are happy to announce a big surprise for our end-game strategists: With today’s update you will be able to buy blueprints with Gold to unlock the elite units in the research panel. Buy them either directly in your research tab or in the blueprints overview in the statistics window. The price for each blueprint will be visible in the tool tip. The costs vary depending on how many blueprints of that type you already possess. Supply crates will contain only resources if you already own all the blueprints.

      Besides that we have the following changes and improvements for you:
      • We fixed a bug that made the market jump when you tried to close it, which could result in accidentally spending Gold for oil.
      • Sometimes, targeting provinces with an army command was not possible when targets were too close to each other (line snaps to wrong province). This has been improved by reducing the snap radius from 15 to 10 pixels.
      • The coalition power index did not show in newspaper anymore. This was fixed.
      • You are now able to see when your High Command expires by checking the date on the top left of your ingame screen.

      For mobile:

      • The province list now supports the multi-province selection. Simply tap on all provinces you want to select.
      • We improved the province / army bar. They now show relation status of other players as well as whether he is an AI country or inactive. Also tapping the flag will open the entry in the diplomacy list. Additional province morale is shown, including the percentage value.
      • Also, awards and promotions now give popups.

      For our mobile Frontline Pioneers: Tomorrow we will release a new version of the army command menu to beta. We encourage you to test it. Please use the following thread for feedback and discussion, which you can find here.

      We hope you like this update,
      Your Call of War Team
      Sarah / Sasri
      Ex-Community Manager
    • @Awesomesause175: If you're one of those players who must be offline for most of the day because of work or otherwise, you might find the production/construction queues, as well as the fire control functions very helpful. I tend to micromanage my battles without fire control, but then I rarely play more than one game at a time, either. The forum regulars who are High Command members swear by it ---- you may want to talk to them.