Conditional Surrender

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    • Conditional Surrender

      Whenever you are starting to win against someone and the provinces are scattered around and troops spread out and you want to end the war it would be perfect if there was an option to surrender with conditions like taking specific land, mandatory peacetime, resource trade, or some other thing. If you could end a war peacefully I think it would stop the trend of wars to take all of a countries provinces and maybe make the game longer and people more active on top of that it would be realistic. Add something like a trade option that lets you end a war with someone else and make multiple demands because right now you cant sign for peace and take war reparations or make a puppet state. I would use it a lot and I think others would to just my idea.
    • Dixie wrote:

      absolutely, but there is no way to enforce the bargain.
      That, my good friend, depends on who holds the cards. When I offer the fourth or fifth-ranked player an easy out, without getting massacred, because they helped my winning alliance against a now-eliminated common threat, it is to my mind an act of mercy and honor. If they choose not to accept the offer, or renege after accepting it and attack, well, so be it. It ain't rocket surgery to finish off another player when you have overwhelming numbers and resources on your side.
    • like Sun Tzu said: "for to win one hundred victories, in one battle is not the acme of skill. to subdue the enemy without fighting is the acme of skill". Fear is a powerful weapon, and forcing someone in to a surrender is a great way to allow for you prove your might, both at the beginning of the game, and at the end. Mind you, these surrenders should be able to be negotiated bu anyone, since many surrenders were negotiated by countries which did little to support the war.
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