Unable to make map?

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    • Unable to make map?

      I'm well aware that maps like the 100 Earth and the 50 USA map are not made by players, although, the 25 Historic Earth map is able to be made, but I'm never able to finish the process. At first, I was fine with the 'There are too many join an already made one' of the map, because of course it isn't going to pop up all the time. However, I've tried several times on several occasions and was never able to make it. Am I missing some aspect or specific time to do it to yield better results?
      ~Lord Vidity Vulstul Of The Germanic Union
    • Hello Vidity,

      you basically have to wait until one of the current running maps is being finished and you also need to hope that noone else creates one in that time frame. Otherwise the slots are taken again.

      Is there no 25 Historical Map that you could join? I see many on Day 0 which still have open slots :) Good Luck!
      Sarah / Sasri
      Ex-Community Manager