Pinned Help! My Account has been Banned?

    • Maxmocchin wrote:

      Okay no so it seems that the fault is mine.
      The mod who banned me told me that I was glorifying naziism.
      But the truth is that i got because of accusing someone else of being a nazi, which is considered severe trolling.
      It is alright I guess, i got what i deserved for not reading the ToS, and i do not blame any bytro mod for this.
      Rather i would like to apologise for violating game rules.
      However i must add, the person with the username "RA EN" was clearly glorifying nazism and must be banned too.
      Please PM the moderators because I do not think naming people is allowed in a way of denounce.
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    • Maxmocchin wrote:

      I have contacted Senior Moderator Stormbringer50 regarding reversal of ban but have not recieved any reply since the past 2 days.
      I show that you have received a reply. With the volume of tickets we have to process every day it is not always possible to handle them all instantly.

      Ryan04px2025 wrote:

      I believe that Stormbringer50 is not the senior moderator for EN. I think it is Ay Blinkin.
      They are both Senior Moderators. You may contact either one regarding appeals of this nature.
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