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    • Alt WW2 RolePlay

      This isn't anything special. But I wanted people to apply rather than just join like my other ones.

      The Rules are as follows.

      1. Basic RP rules. Post daily, stay active, no landgrabbing, no trolling, you get the idea.

      2. Be realistic. Have logical reasons behind your actions.

      3. Have a good reason to go to war with anyone. You can't just invade a country without warning, this includes inactive and AI countries. Come up with a good reason for a war.

      4. Don't be afraid to surrender. Fighting to the death never happens in real life anymore and is far from realistic.

      5. (Okay then)

      6. Hold peace negotiations. After a war is over, the victor has the right to demand what the loser has to do. Some options are puppeting them or taking most of the provinces you had during the war. Do NOT kill off any player country and DO not obliterate AI countries right of the bat. No Full annex. As in taking everything.

      7. Be diplomatic. Diplomacy is what makes or breaks a country when it comes to foreign relations. War should be a last resort, so use diplomacy to try and avoid any conflict.

      8. Every RT day counts as 1 week in-game. Therefore, every 52 days in RT is equivalent to 1 year in-game.

      9. This is not historically accurate, so feel free to rewrite history as you please.

      10. There is no end-game objective, nobody should win this round. Let's try to keep it going for as long as possible.

      11. Create scenarios for future wars, form alliances, and create alliances and trade partnerships.

      12. Trading is the best way to make a lot of money really quickly, so try to create as many trade agreements as possible.

      13. Coalitions play a big role in the real world, so they will do the same here. A max of 5 coalitions can be active at one time. If a coalition war takes place, the victor has the right to have the losing coalition disbanded.

      14. Name things. Wars, battles, treaties, military operations, military divisions, and even meetings can be named, so name them.

      15. Not every war is fought with tanks and infantry. There are many wars that were only fought in the sky or on the sea. If you want dominance in the sky or sea, fight in the sky or sea. You don't always have to invade another country to fight a war. Naval and aerial wars bring diversity to the world.

      Puppets and Vassals

      1. Puppets are basically under your command. For example. If Poland Surrenders and Germany chooses to puppet them and let them keep their current land, they must listen to what Germany says. They can rebel for their freedom as much as they want. But if they truly can is up to you. They can easily uprise and catch you off guard.

      2. If you are puppeted and don't listen to whoever puppeted you, they can reprimand you. You can use spies and such to weaken your oppressor and if you feel good about yourself you can even try to overthrow them and become free once more.

      3. Puppeteer can choose whether the puppet gets share map or right of way from them. The puppet must always give the puppeteer share map unless of course an uprising is started.


      1. For large scale/long term diplomatic relations. You must send a unit as a "Minister/Delegate" (Or whatever you want to call them.) To the diplomatic host's embassies. (Purely for Roleplay, not necessary for one time trades and such)

      2. You can set up embassies anywhere you feel. The only requirement is that you specify that an embassy is in said provinces. For example, my embassies are in Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Vienna, and Prague.

      3. If you are planning long term diplomatic relations with another country or countries tell them where your embassies are.

      AI Countries

      1. Any and all AI countries are still to be treated as a real country. You can't just go to war with one because you felt like it. You still must give a valid reason.

      2. AI can be used as allies. For example Germany befriending Hungary. If you declare yourself as a countries ally (and it doesn't sound far fetched) You can help them in wars. An example would be say that Germany was allied to Hungary and Hungary was attacked by Romania. Germany can start war with Romania for attacking their ally.

      3. AI's aren't a joke. Don't treat them like free land.

      Volunteering Troops.

      1. If a country you like is at war. You may send them Volunteers. This can be through a trade or by sending troops and commanding them yourself. So not officially going to war with them. If the country your helping loses. The person doesn't have as much of a reason to go back to war with the person who sent the volunteers as they never really joined the war. (No full scale armies, just a few units, nothing insane)

      It may seem like a lot but its really not too complicated. :)

      If your interested in joining or have any questions message me on COW.

      COW Username: AshtonatorGaming

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    • AshtonatorGaming wrote:

      5. No gold. This is a fair game and gold users have an unfair advantage over everyone else.

      I would like to make sure that you are aware that under no circumstances can Bytro Labs nor Call Of War staff back up this rule unless it is a Players League game, or a Bytro sanctioned Tournament. Bytro Labs also requests that you do not discourage the purchasing and using of gold as it helps keep the game up to date, and continues to allow improvements. Also, we can not allow the use and discussion of third party chat services (discord, etc.) to be used in public forums/chats. We appreciate your cooperation.

      Best Regards.
      EN Community Support

    • Oh some other stuff I forgot.

      Map: 25 Player World Map

      Playable Countries (Major):

      Germany - AshtonatorGaming

      USSR - JustCuz

      USA - zackmat

      Italy - NorthDuty

      United Kingdom - Sceptimus123

      N. China - Open

      Japan - Open

      Poland - Open

      France - Open

      Playable Countries (Minor):

      Australia - Taken

      Manchukuo - Open

      Tibet - Open

      Mongolia - Open

      Xinjiang - Open

      Sweden - Jakob Klien

      Yugoslavia - Open

      Romania - Open

      Turkey - Open

      Persia - Open

      Mexico - Open

      Canada - Open

      Brazil - Open

      Argentina - Open

      India - Open

      Spain - Open

      I'm no expert at setting these things up. So if you have guidance please leave suggestions as I'm no expert.

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