New Maps, Units,renaming units, and suggestions

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    • New Maps, Units,renaming units, and suggestions

      I love Call of War especially the huge maps but I have some suggestions.
      1. WW1 map you can do 1914,1917 with which will focus on strategy and thinking
      2. WW2 1942 or 44 map each shows each side winning axis and allies but the outcome will be decided by the players strategy and critical thinking
      3. Machine gun units strong against infrantry weak against armor before or after motorized infrantry
      4. Renaming Units ( but appropriate names like were the unit was formed and like 22nd armored division
      5. suggestion please add coalition to mobile its frustrating for coalition leaders in war with other coalitions
    • Infantry units already have embedded machine gunners. I'm thinking there are reasons armies don't have regiments of machine gunners."Each platoon is under the command of a platoon leader, who is assisted by a platoon sergeant. Each platoon headquarters has two machine gunners, two assistant machine gunners and one radio telephone operator."