Updates Apr 29th

    • Updates Apr 29th

      Hi everyone,

      here's the complete list of updates we've released since the last news post:

      Uber client (global area)
      • Bronze Award stars were not displayed
      • We removed the award modifiers (Rookie, Veteran, Elite) from the title of the award, you can now see them as well as the requirements for these levels when hovering the three stars with your mouse.
      • Some awards are currently displayed wrong (e.g. kills with airplanes). They will be reset during the day and should be correct tomorrow after the stats were running.
      Game client
      • Added new unit: Commandos
      • Map updates
        • fixed many city locations, renamed a couple of provinces in the process
        • names should now be proper English names
        • added Canary Islands
        • Fixed production in Beirut
        • Note: all map changes only apply to newly started games. Old maps cannot be updated due to compatibility problems.
      • Unit tooltip
        • Now shows the type of unit also if unit is in an army
        • Current terrain is highlightedin terrain list
        • Unit's main damage category is printed in bold in the overview of the armor classes
        • Lists speed penalty in friendly / hostile territory
      • Province list
        • Added sortable column for manpower
        • Added production amounts for the resource and manpower
        • Sorting by resource now sorts the resources by production output and for provinces without resource production after the manpower output
      • Report article dialog said it is from Thirty Kingdoms (as did chat rules and forum rules)
      • Updated some unit photos, real names and renamed the generic "infantry 32" to "Infantry Type 1932" to make it more clear what is meant by that name
      • Battle icon in newspaper is nicer now
      • We changed the map to use markers for terrains and buildings. The map is still work in progress and not yet final. We are still experimenting with less abstract versions.
      • Spy info missions can now tell you what your opponent is currently researching
      • Fixed multiple strings and German translations
      • Updated the airfield icon since it looked too similar to the barracks icon
      • Fixed: Submarines sometimes showed disembarking times when being dragged
      • Newspaper map now shows borders consistently when flipping pages. The land which changed its owner since the shown day is now printed in darker color.
      • Added new newspaper statistics article listing who researched how much
      • Fixed partially broken scrollbar in newspaper's stats article
      • Fixed: upgrading a naval base showed the dialog to choose its location again
      • Answers from the support team to support tickets now create PMs in the game and users can answer to those pms
      • Fixed problems with the painting of airplanes

      Note: we are still working on a larger update to airplane usability and warfare including, amongst others, better support for patrol mode, refueling and direct attacking of visible hostile planes. There is more to come soon.

      • Rebalanced strategic damage (building & morale damage):
        • Rockets make less strategic damage in all levels.
        • Artillery, strategic bombers, battleships etc. have higher strategic damage
      • Rockets have 25% less damage on all non-strategic targets
      • Slightly increased costs and needed build time for rockets
      • Planes in mixed stack will now evenly take damage when attacked.
        • Exception: Rocket Interceptors are so fast, that they only get 1/4th of the damage when in the same stack as other units.
      • Anti-Tank and Anti-Air research Lvl 1 now only takes 12 hours
      • Decreased speed of Light tanks and armored cars by 20%
      • Barracks, Airfields, Naval Bases & Infrastructure now consistently have 3 levels.
        • The first level of these upgrades is cheaper and faster to build then level 2 & 3
        • Note that your upgrades in the game will automatically get the new levels with respect to what they were before.
      • We adjusted the required buildings for some units. For example strategic bombers now only need factory complex lvl 1 but a higher level airfield to be built.
      • Manpower
        • Increased bonus of barracks on mapower to 50% on the highest level
        • Reduced manpower upkeep for units to 75% of the previous value
      • Reduced rocket interceptor hit points to 15 making them slightly less durable than interceptors.