AirCraft Carrier (detailled)

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    • AirCraft Carrier (detailled)

      after reading the article, do you found aircraft carrier usful and has to be add ? 10

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      Preface : This article is to finish all previous conversations about the same subject , usingconvincing arguments , logical and proven , backed by examples of game and reality , forget your prejudices and read the article so that my message can be understood .
      1- Introducing the addition of the new unit, the aircraft carrier : This article proposes the additionof a new unit that will not only have the role of making the game more realistic , but facilitate the use of certain other units

      2- Why have an aircraft carrier : Ask yourself the question why I produce Destroyers ? Probable answer :to destroy Submarines, so why producing submarines ? To destroy convoys and battleships, but why producing a battleship ? To destroy a cruiser which in turn destroys destroyers ...But if your opponent has not produced any naval unit ,would not you have remorse for having built a navy for nothing instead of a tanks or infantrys ? are there not a unit that can both replace ships, and be useful for something else? Yes naval Bomber! But are you building it? No, why ?because the naval bomber can not reach any position at sea it operats near to your coasts . If he was able to , would you do it ? yes. Well we offer you the aircraft carrier which will not only allow you touse this unit effectively, but also launch air strikes over the map , and reduce your spending on marine ( of course without making it useless. )

      3- How the aircraft carrier works: The aircraft carrier acts as a mobile air base , allowing the useof aviation without being forced to build air bases to launch raids. The aircraft carrier will allow you to make stops between your main base and targets , or accompany your troops on land, we aretalking about doubling, tripling or quadrupling the range of your aviation. Example : You play Turkeyon a historical map , you want to bomb Egypt, the nearest airport (built by the AI ) is Bierut and remains far ,solution : bring your aircraft carrier in the middle , your aircraft will stop on itbefore moving to bomb Egypt.The aircraft carrier also allows you to use naval bombers that could operate against enemy ships

      at a respectable distance . Example: battleship level 1 menace your convoys , with its range of 50 kmit can destroy everything, with your naval bombers , you can destroy it at a distance of 200 km , not bad right?4-realism sea battles during World War were about securing or destroying convoys, as on the game you only see military convoys option to stifle a nation is 99% impossible. The role of your navy will not really crucial. But the Aircraft carrier had been used there during the war of the Atlantic (current map) to destroy ships example: Bismarck sunk by a torpedo from a plane, and still canbe used for the same the pacific war, it's in an ocean that covers 1/3 of the surfaceof earth were war was, a giant surface that can not be covered with aircraft only, the aircraft carrier are not useless.5-Do-it mean that other naval units are to throw? Not as an aircraft carrier at 0 power, it needs to be escorted.Conclusion: the aircraft carrier is a unit that needs to be added.Note: If this article is long, it is because it addresses several issues such as: why, how to use, what to do with. If you want to add constructive comments you are welcome if you want to make the addition of the unit problematic, keep your posts to you. this article mains to make aircraft carrier add possible and usfull Thank you for reading the entire article , confirm with a nice "like"
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