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    • Paratroopers

      Paratroopers 9
        Yes (5) 56%
        No (4) 44%
        Maybe (0) 0%
      I Reckon We Should Be Able To Use Paratroopers.
      So, It Would Require Air Base Lvl 3 And Used By Strategic Bombers.
      When Producing Strategic Bombers You Would Have the Option To Either Have Paratroopers, Or A Regular Strategic Bomber.
      These Can Be Shot Down By Anti Aircraft Guns And Having Paratroopers Will Cost The Amount Of Resources Normal Infantry Will Use (Depending On Which Lvl They Are) And Will Cost An Extra 1 hr Production Time Due to Training.

      Adding On To The Rivers And Bridges Thread From Mr. Fish, Paratroopers Can Capture Unoccupied Enemy Bridges If They Are Implemented Into The Game.

      Paratroopers Were Crutial In WWIII When Need To Capture Provinces, And Important Terrain.

      Also The Plane With Para Troopers Will Have A Different Camouflage or Paint To Normal Strategic Bombers.
      The Lvl Of Infantry On The Aircraft Will Also Play A Part on How Effective The Unit Will Be When Landing And When The Aircraft Arrives On Destination, It Will Take 30 Seconds For The Infantry To touch Down.
      So.. 1 Day 21 Hrs Production And 30 Seconds Added Onto Arrival time.

      Also When The Aircraft Drops The Units It Will Head Back to Base, Refuel And ReStock With Infantry And Wait Until Next Orders Are Given.

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