Announcement On Suggesting Paratroopers

    • Owh yes, heavy gold users combined with paratroopers would be a nightmare. That is a very good point indeed.

      I think the main question revolves around balancing a defense against paratroopers and their possible use. Without this balance they could never be implemented.

      I have not yet seen any propositions that combines 'free use' of para's with being able to counter them in a way that is balanced into the game as it is now. I also firmly believe that this is the main reason that paras have not been implemented into the game.

      The paras supply drop sugestion would inplement paras in a way people do not want to use them. Since it would have nothing to do with strategy and planning. However any 'free use' of paras would break the game.

      I believe there to be good reason for paratroopers not being in the game.

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    • Paratroopers were a major unit in most European campaigns.
      It would be good if CoW could add Paratroopers and Transport planes.
      Obviously there is a lot of different types of units that could be added.
      If one would like to simulate a real historic battle/invasion in Europe in WW2 paratroopers were used.
      At the moment one would have to go to Hearts of Iron to use Paratroopers and Transport planes to reproduce or improve on a WW2 battle, and they work excellent in HOI, but hopefully CoW will eventually get Paratroopers and Transport planes.
    • I dear say one problem of many for the game designers would be how would you determine the paratrooper landing spot (seen we can only land on a road or town).
      There would be combat in the air to be determined if landing on top of the enemy, as well as combat on the ground.
      What sort of support equipment can be landed with the paratroopers:-
      1. Anti-tank;
      2. Anti-air;
      3. Artillery; and
      4. Light tank?
      With the introduction of Transport planes this could also allow the quick (by air) transport of the above from one airfield to another.
    • Well the main question revolves on how to defend my provinces from parachutists ...

      It would be an exaggeration to put an AA in each province of yours to prevent a paratrooper from taking over without resistance.
      So I think a solution would be an "anti-aircraft defense"
      other than AA it is static and reasonable against airplanes but it can at least prevent paratroopers from easily catching provinces.
    • hmmm.. so first let me say this, if this were to be implemented it would have to take time to setup to not be used to early in the game. If the use is later game then people will already have quite larger teritories and wont be as agonizing to deal with. Then to not make it to OP let the strat bomber level 3(or its own plane with own range by day 16), comandos, lvl 3 barracks, and lvl 2 AF be built on capital only to be used this way it cannot be carriar based and just literaly go anywere with them the war will have to be land based to limit use more. It will deliver 1 comando each plane, it can be stacked and it wont be restricted to provinces dots it will be able to be placed anywere the player desires including on own province just to provide quicker reinforcements if desired. I feel this way it wont be as OP because esentialy your just giving to comandos a plane to sooner move to your front lines as reinforcements or you may also move them into enemy turf to just quickly cap a key area or make a distraction to make a stronger push inwards. i feel this is fair enough because its already restricted enough and it does need some kind of advantage so it will take awile to build and move overall and most likley the game will be far enough to not be of to much an advantage to completly change the whole war. as for speed of production i say no less then about 17hrs and no more then 1d 12hrs(varys of building levels of course).

      In short respose mabye just let comandos be delivered via plane to desired area in or out of own provinces for shorter wait time to front lines form capital. Hope this helps
      Please and Thanks! :thumbsup:
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    • Hey, if you're going to consider adding paratroopers, make the research for these units fairly late, after the first 3-5 weeks of the game. And require level 4 Strategic Bombers or something of its own kind (unique plane is preferred that would be unable to deal very little damage) to drop them (the planes that drop them CANNOT fly in from the sea). And you should also limit the distance these paratroopers can go into opponents' territory. So maybe it should be able to send them around 2-3 provinces deep, and more levels on this unit could increase the distance they can be dropped off (making a plane specialized for this more useful). Also, only allow these units to be created in the core provinces/capital to limit the amount that would be created.

      The drop-off plane expected stats: daily upkeep 20 food & 80 oil, 20 HP
      Lvl 1 (available day 30?): 1.0 for attacking and defending anything, 200 km/h, attack range 200km
      Lvl 2 (available day 32?): 1.0 for attacking and defending anything, 240 km/h, attack range 220km
      Lvl 3 (available day 38?): 1.0 for attacking and defending anything, 350 km/h, attack range 260km
      Lvl 4 (available day 40?): 1.5 for attacking and defending anything, 400 km/h, attack range 300km

      Paratrooper Stats: daily upkeep 50 food, 75 manpower, 10 HP, speeds = militia
      Lvl 1 (available day 30?): 1.2 attack infantry, 1.5 defend infantry, 0.8 attack armor, 1.0 defend armor, 0.8 air, 0.4 bldgs
      Lvl 2 (available day 36?): 2.0 attack infantry, 2.3 defend infantry, 1.0 attack armor, 1.3 defend armor, 1.0 air, 0.5 bldgs
      Lvl 3 (available day 40?): 2.5 attack infantry, 3.0 defend infantry, 1.2 attack armor, 1.5 defend armor, 1.3 air, 0.6 bldgs.

      OR you could forget most of that and just have the drop-off planes that can drop off any unit. Just have an option to take some units in the plane. You cannot carry armored vehicles in the planes though. The

      Constant stats: 10 HP (+units' navy HP), daily upkeep 50 food & 100 manpower & 150 oil
      Lvl 1 (available day 32?): 1.0 for attacking and defending anything, 100 km/h, attack range 180km, unit limit 1
      Lvl 2 (available day 36?): 1.1 for attacking and defending anything, 170 km/h, attack range 230km, unit limit 1
      Lvl 3 (available day 42?): 1.3 for attacking and defending anything, 200 km/h, attack range 250km, unit limit 2
      "Know your enemy and know yourself and you can fight a hundred battles without disaster." ~ Sun Tzu, The Art of War

      "War does not determine who is right - only who is left."

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    • BattleIvan wrote:

      Other games like Company of Hero''s allow for Glider troops, so hopefully CoW can as well.
      That's literally two completely different games, Company of Heroes is made by a really good game company who have the time, resources, and skill to do that. Not to mention it's also on the tactical level, where as CoW is on the strategic level.

      btw 1v1 me in company of heroes, ill probably lose but idc
    • Cough

      It appears people still are talking about balance..

      I think my ideas are pretty good..

      Airborne is just infantry battalions that can be inserted via air, so they should resemble that, as in they have the stats of infantry. Plus they'd have a cap of 5 airborne units and can only be dropped once a day, I'm fine with the drop being a reasonable cost (not like 5,000 RM, 17,000 oil, etc you get the point) as well as there being a range, as I think these things are needed.