What level is Call of War based on?

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    • What level is Call of War based on?

      My question is as follows : what level are call of war units, and more generally the whole game itself based on? What does 1 infantry unit equal to?

      Now of course, the manpower indicator would hint that 1 infantry is 1500 men, and mods have already said it is a regiment-sized game. But that doesn't really make sense : in a 100 player map, at day 40/50 if you played good, you can have 200-300 units. That means if all is infantry, you have 375,000 men... which won't be the case, so your total amount of men is sure to be much lower.

      So while a continent-size empire at day 40 can muster a maximum of 400,000 men, the Red Army aligned 4,200,000 men in 1941, 6,000,000 men in 1943, and throughout the course of the war : 600 divisions. The Wehrmacht mustered 4-5 million men in 1940/1/2, up to 6.5 million men in 1943 at its peak, for a total of 13,000,000 men to ever serve in the wehrmacht.

      So does an infantry unit equal 1500 men as shown in the game, which would mean the world is generally not very keen on recruiting soldiers, or is there something I'm missing?
    • Those million-numbers include all army personnel, including all overheads (logistic troops, staff personnel, intel gathering, training and recruitment units, etc etc etc). CoW troops counts is for first-line combat troops only.

      (I guess)
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    • I would recommend not overthinking this one. It is a game and the numbers are relative. Besides, different nations have different definitions of regiment size. Even different militaries in the same nation can have different regiment sizes.

      Also, except for a couple of the maps, the game is evenly balanced for equal playability. (The other maps that aren't balanced are designed to better-reflect the real-world conditions at the time and they can be challenging but fun to play.)
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