independence ability

    • independence ability

      this would be a great idea for buffers and maybe ai but I think you should pick the provinces they get and they should accept. But for ai countries this would be tricky especially in ai countries and maybe the developers can develop special new flags for each country and state like how puppet states dont have their same old flag ? And maybe for ai countries you can control the armies and economies and count as points still?
    • WiseOdin wrote:

      If the point of the game is to capture land, I honestly see no reason to get rid of territory, unless you did not plan properly in a large map to feed your population.
      I see nothing but potential abuse in this idea. It does nothing more than permit a player to spin off provinces that have no victory points and no resources as a nominally independent country or countries. That simply does not fit in the present conceptual framework of the game.
    • Something like this already exists and this is more clearly the case if one thinks through the various ramifications, limitations, and options your "Independence" idea would have to entail to maintain the integrity and balance of the game.

      Ask why "Independence" would be a viable option in a game of conquest. Historically, one would point to "vassal/client states" or "colonies" and "occupied territories" (ie. Vichy France). These are already possible using the various diplomatic options already in the game.

      I invade you, your elimination is imminent, so you offer vassalization in exchange for protection in order to survive the round. You give me unilateral Share Map (so I can keep an eye on you) and I try to get you through to the round's end.

      If you're talking about AI countries, just don't ever invade and establish these countries as neutral and inviolable at the game's outset. Maybe everyone tries to get RoW with them so they can remain neutral without being a barrier. But a country that starts out as an unplayable AI country should never be given to a human player.

      eitz's roleplay suggestion would be good if I couldn't roleplay that my liberation of the country wouldn't make it a temporary protectorate and, therefore, showing my colours and my getting resource support from it. But I can roleplay that it's a liberated country, under my protection, and which gives me resource support for that protection.