pathfinding when splitting

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    • pathfinding when splitting

      I would consider this low priority, but just wanted to mention it. I often will take a stack of units, say 5 of them and march them to a point, then split 4 and march them, then split 3 etc so that I have all units separated for some specific purpose. When I point to a location with the first 5 the pathfinder works as usual, but once I split, the paths tend to go willy nilly all over the place so that some take different crazy paths even though they are the same unit type in the same stack. So I end up having to do add target to get them where I want. Like I said, this is not major, just pointing it out.
    • I Patton wrote:

      when I'm doing the same thing, I inadvertently double click and that grabs all (well, most) units of the same type (or something like that) and, suddenly, several stacks want to go to where I'm pointing and I've got these path leaders all over the place.

      That drives me absolutely f---ing nuts. The intended function really needs to be better structured than it is.
    • Here is a screenshot of what I'm talking about. It turns out that the path is ok when you click the destination, but there is a display bug that shows multiple paths. I notice this the majority of the time when I start with a stack of artillery and split them 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. In this example, even a single unit shows multiple paths. Since it actually takes the correct path, it is just a cosmetic issue that I am not concerned about.
    • YES! YES! Oh, I *hate* that!

      It recognizes the enemy town but doesn't recognize it's empty. The software should ignore towns altogether (except to warn it may cause a DoW) and only recognize enemy units.

      Another thing that happens (related to your pic), if you drop off or pick-up a unit that recalculates stack speed, the CoW program will allocate the (new) fastest route for that unit/stack. Sometimes, it's not the route you want. This can be a pain if an alternate route takes a path endangered or blocked by enemy units. It would be helpful if the auto-path was like "Directions" on Google Maps where it one can decide which path to take. Or, like I said previously, it recognized enemy units.