Travel time on hover

    • Travel time on hover

      The "Arrival time" and "Travel time" are both very useful measures that the game gives. While the arrival time is often useful for comparing different moving units which helps you make various decisions, I find that the majority of the time I'm interested in the "Travel time" so that I can compare that to the next tic in a battle and for many other purposes. It can also be used in the same was as "Arrival time" although not usually as precise. Thus, from my perspective, it would be more useful to show the "Travel time" when you hover over a unit, instead of the "Arrival time". If I'm using the "Arrival time" for more precise timings I am spending more time on it anyway and clicking the unit isn't a major issue, however, I often just want to quickly know how long the march is without having to click the unit or do arithmetic to figure it out.

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