Leveling Up Units through kills. Another Way to level.

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    • Leveling Up Units through kills. Another Way to level.

      An idea me and my friends had.

      You know how it displays how many kills a unit has in its information tab? Well if you didn't, it does. I always wondered why. Other than bragging, I thought of two things. The possibility of leveling up a unit through kills rather than research (just for that unit that is) and possibly naming divisions that have made a lot of kills.

      Say you are in a hundred player game, and an infantry you've had since day 1, has 10 kills. Instead of just having the number as a bragging right (which is good too i guess) that unit could level up before you actually researched a future level. So say you only have lvl. 1 infantry, but your pretty good at keeping them alive, and they rack up some kills. That unit, should level up after a certain amount of kills. Like say 2 kills levels them up to lvl 2. Or something. (Not sure about kill amounts = unit level)

      It would give you more of an incentive to keep units alive, so they could level without actually researching said level. Of course you could level them normally, but if a unit gets enough kills, they should level up higher than what you have researched. I mean if a division does good it could show that they are gaining skill.

      The re-naming division part is... whatever. But I mean naming a Med. Tank division with a lot of kills to something cool would be nice.

      Im really bad at explaining things so sorry if you got lost.
    • I think that changing the units level would be tricky to play with, but there is the random "x factor" that comes into play. So using the units kill experience level as part of the x factor would be an interesting idea.
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