Province name toggle

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    • Province name toggle

      Currently if you turn resource display on it also displays the province names, but this makes it harder to see where the res provs are because the res icon is shown to the right side of the name and the names generally obscure the map. This is especially bad in the Dominion game where the names are unusually long. The majority of the time when I use this display it is so I can identify the res provs and I don't really want to see the names. If you zoom out far enough the names do go away, but at that point everything is so small it's hard to see and to create a march path. It would be nice if there were separate toggles for names and resources. Two easier, but less satisfying, alternatives would be 1) put the resource icon on the left side of the name, and 2) make the names disappear at 1 zoom factor larger.