Iron/Oil Balancing

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    • Iron/Oil Balancing

      I don't know if this is the case for everyone else, but I seem to have loads of Iron and/or Oil (depending on what country you are).

      This means that, just like in Thirty Kingdoms, the market is a tad broken. Since the AI also do not need Iron and Oil, noone wants to buy Iron/Oil. Which means we get tonnes of it, and nothing to do with it.

      The problem with these resources is that you cannot spend them, since all buildings cost Stocks (which is a limiting resource) and all troops cost Stocks and Manpower (which are limiting resources).

      Something needs to be done to make these resources a little more important. I wouldn't mind including them as part of province consumption, just like in Supremacy. Or by increasing the unit/building consumption for these resource (or by creating one), just like in Thirty Kingdoms.

      If you look at the market again, in depth, the same is true for Grain and Stocks - noone needs to buy any, not even the AI. However I feel that they are important enough to not need changing. Although Stocks could have a higher provincial consumption.

      Basically the market is broken, á la Thirty Kingdoms.
    • AI, especially the baltic states, having problems to increase their moral too. They could buy ressources from the market cheap... but they dont do and moral is on day 8-10 at 25 and beneath.

      maybe it will help to rise the production in the provinces and consumption of the units. And that a Tank Division may needs steel to repair armor is clear i think :D
    • I've noticed too that even sizeable NPC countries (in my game eg Finland) have collapsing morale in peacetime.

      Could maybe be addressed by setting stock targets for NPCs so that they will buy and sell more actively. Or by creating a more varied research and build program so that NPCs will make units that consume iron and oil. I've seen NPCs building infantry, militia and armoured cars but nothing more than that.

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    • Indeed, AI management of it's own economies are poor, which would be fine if they weren't competing for scarce resources like goods because of it. Conquering them corrects this but the issue of non-core provinces means the scarcities continue. Later in the game I would expect the AI's to use the iron and oil. but they never actually develop sufficiently for this to occur
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    • As UK ( I'm invading France) my oil production is dropping and my grain production is negative. Iron is high and manpower is ok. So, here oil and grains aren't that easy to gain, because I'm building a lot of troops.

      As USSR I have surplus in everything and no resource is low for now, Rare Materials included, and I'm researching a lot.

      I guess the balance is good till now, but my games are day 14 and 11, so I gonna wait.
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