• I think it would be a cool idea if you could send troops to a certain province to heal/repair them. It would make it more fair imo as I often find myself in a state of weakness and vulnerability after major wars, and I have to wait DAYS before my battle-worn troops are in any condition to fight. Adding hospitals would make it possible for me to keep fighting war after war without falling behind people who avoid fighting all together (AKA stockpiling troops without ever using them until late-game :wallbash )
    • No.

      This idea has been suggested several times before, and it makes no sense, not least of all because individual wounded soldiers are sent to hospitals, but not entire units. Depleted units receive replacements, and that concept is already embodied in the 15% daily improvement in the condition of damaged in-game units, as well as the daily manpower upkeep embodied in the in-game manpower production and use numbers.

      Here's a link to another recent discussion thread on point:

      > > > > A new building idea:
    • Good news:
      Hospitals are already imaginary present in the game - as are doctors, mechanics, towing-vehicles, tankers and supply ships, padres, nurses etc. ..
      How else has healing / repair and supply been possible so far?

      Fortunately healing / repair as well as the supply is completely automatically, without to have an extra research or additional buildings / units for it, and even without to waste time, by spending nerve wracking hours for clicking around for the micro managing of hundreds or more units (awful vision).

      TomatoSalad wrote:

      It would make it more fair ..
      would make it possible .. to keep fighting war after war without falling behind people who avoid fighting all together ..
      The "fairness" and the "balance" wouldn't change cause even then the system would be equal for all as it's also now.
      One who fights bad or wasteful, or against an indomitable superiority, will lose either way so or so - or he must use gold if he thinks it's necessary ..
      .. it's a browsergame which shall primarily generate money - therefore there is "additionally" the possibility to heal with gold ..

      Browsergames sind eine geniale, mehr oder weniger geschickt als Spielattrappe getarnte Geschäftsidee zum Kohleziehen :!:
      Also Vorsicht, es können überall Fußangeln, Stolperdrähte und Selbstschussanlagen lauern :00000156:
      Texte oberhalb dieser Signatur können Spuren von Ironie enthalten ;)

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