support is not good enough

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    • support is not good enough

      there has been over 1500 threads put up because of players not being able to join games and only 88 times they have been responded to I look at these stats and I look am I even going to get back into my game slowly this game is pushing me away again I loved playing this last year and forgot how annoying the game is for its bugs so I try get back into it build up and play on a server for the last 4 days and it starts this again and like I said I'm I ever going to get in again is there even a support team for this game :wallbash :wallbash :wallbash
    • The Almighty Jewbear wrote:

      [The Almighty Jewbear is] the supervisor for all of the moderators. Mathex is the supervisor for all of the Game Operators . . . .
      @Jewbear : It might be helpful if you take this opportunity to explain the difference between moderators and game operators, and who is generally responsible for what, and where the two groups overlap.


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    • Might be a good idea. Moderators: They oversee the rule enforcement and answering of questions in chat and the forum. The Game Operators can do the same as moderators, and also handle bug reports and multi reports and the like. Game Operators work more behind the scenes while moderators are the ones who you see a little more often. As the Senior Moderator, i oversee the actions of Moderators and i also handle some of the tickets. Mathex is the Senior Game Operator and he oversees how things are done with the tickets (reports) and such. Even as i handle tickets, i must bow to mathex as that is his arena.

      Any more questions?
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