Call of War on Steam

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    • Call of War on Steam

      Dear Generals,

      today is a special day for all our players who are as enthusiastic about gaming as we are: We are happy to announce the release of Call of War on Steam - one of the world’s most popular gaming platforms.

      To play Call of War on Steam and show off your skills to a global community of players, simply install the free Steam application on your PC and claim your key below. After following the provided link, Steam will open automatically and allow you to enter the key.

      Call of War veterans, please note: Make sure to log in with your existing Call of War account when launching the game via Steam for the first time to keep your progress. If you normally access our game through one of our partner sites, you should first set a password in the profile settings. If your partner uses their own shop you sadly won’t be able to connect your account with steam.

      Even after connecting your account to Steam you can still access the game normally through your browser on desktop or mobile if you choose to do so. Also, Steam keys will only be needed during the first days after the release.

      Please check the news post to claim your key.
      Sarah / Sasri
      Ex-Community Manager