Speed Round Event 2.0

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    • Speed Round Event 2.0

      [Blocked Image: https://static1.bytro.com/uploads/pics/1510242207_news_images_6889.jpg?bust=1510232064]

      Dear generals,

      the time has come for another speed round event! Cancel all your plans and prepare for some short nights and long fights during the next 14 days. But pay attention: This improved version of our popular 100p speed round not only comes with real-time dates and timers (as opposed to the 4x accelerated in-game speed) but also imposes a time limit of 14 real life days. If no player or coalition has achieved a regular victory by that time, the player with the most victory points is declared winner. The end time is displayed in the game information within the newspaper and as a countdown on the right side of the screen.

      Settings for this speed round event:
      • 4x speed
      • starts when full
      • random country selection
      • players flagged as inactive after 2 real life days
      • 1 real life day of AI & human player peace period
      • fixed runtime of 14 real life days after the game started (if not won earlier)
      If you want to participate in this event simply go to the game list: Within the sign-up period (Friday, November 10, 5pm CET until Monday, November 13, 11am CET) new event rounds will be created on demand and shown on top of the list of new games. As soon as the map has started you will receive a notification to your inbox.
      Sarah / Sasri
      Ex-Community Manager
    • William Wallace III wrote:

      Please confirm End Time of peace period? Is it end of sign-up period, November 13, 11 am CET? Or one day later, or start of Next Day in 2 hrs 29 min ? Good Luck to all in Speed Round!

      The peace period is 1 day in real time. In the map it will say "4 days".

      Currently peace period can be a little shorter than that, because the first day will sometimes be a little late into the day, hence we lose some hours. So peace period is somewhere between 20-24 hours.